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Girlswanderlust’s best read blog posts of 2021

While we celebrate this year’s best read blog posts, we also realize it was a tough year as it was a second year of pandemic. We all travelled little the past two years and all feel more the urge to get back out into the world. Just like you, we are more travel loving than ever and we can’t wait to travel again!

Looking back with lists and reviews belong to the end of a year. That’s why today we share the best read blog posts of 2021.

We would like to thank you for the support you’ve shown us and wish you a very happy and healthy 2022, in which we hopefully can make beautiful travel memories again.

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1. City Guide to Vlissingen – the best activities to do

Vlissingen is a perfect weekend destination in the Netherlands! In this city guide to Vlissingen, we will introduce you to the best activities, how to reach the seaside city, where to dine and drink, and where to stay. Even in winter it’s fun to visit Vlissingen!

2. Pros and cons of traveling by camper van

For several months author Daphne has been considering the purchase of a camper van. It seems like a wonderful way to travel. You have all the freedom, live like a minimalist and discover many new places. However, there will undoubtedly be some drawbacks. In this article she explored and listed the pros and cons of traveling by camper van.

3. Island hopping around the Cyclades

The Greek island group the Cyclades is the perfect destination for island hopping! You can easily combine visits to several islands in one trip. Hereby I provide you a guide with tips and information.

4. 8 places to visit in and around the Eifel region

The Eifel region is quite big and diverse. The region features so many beautiful places which are worth a visit: from nature reserves to idyllic towns, there’s so much to find! In this article author Tamara will tell you more about 8 places (must do’s!) to visit when travelling to the Eifel region.

5. The best things to do and see in Zierikzee

This month author Daphne wandered through the streets of Zierikzee, the most picturesque town of Zeeland that counts over 500+ historical monuments. Enjoy her list with best things to do and see in Zierikzee, The Netherlands!

6. Our travel route through Bosnia & Montenegro

Author Tamara still looks back at the great time she had during her trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. The countries are beautiful. She stayed in really nice accommodations and drove an exciting travel route.

She would like to share with you her travel itinerary: how long she stayed where and the choices she made, but also the small things she would do differently if she would go again. In this way, she tries to give you the best advice for traveling to these destinations.

7. 10 Reasons to travel in your own country during covid19

As countries begin to emerge from local lockdowns, we all feel more the urge to get back out into the world. Instead of longing for the good old days traveling everywhere without restrictions, now is a great time to explore our own countries during this pandemic. Not only will you feed your wanderlust and get to reconnect with your own country’s history, culture, and nature, you will also support the local businesses.

Traveling and exploring your own country is beautiful and worthy. In this article I discuss 10 reasons to travel in your own country during this pandemic. I hope I can convince you to start traveling in your own country while we wait for the world to revive itself from this pandemic.

8. 10 things to do in Cologne, Germany

Cologne, also named Köln in German, is a beautiful city located in the state North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is nice to visit in all seasons of the year. There is so many to see and do in Cologne, you can easily spend a few days in and around the city. In this article author Tamara tells about 10 things to do when you’re making a city trip to Cologne.

9. Insider tip: explore stunning Utrecht by canoe!

The best way to explore Utrecht’s thriving city center with its stunning canals and wharves is by canoe. It’s probably not something most people think of, but if you visit Utrecht, then this is a great chance to explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Author Daphne takes you along!

Thank you all for supporting us!
We can’t wait to travel again and to share more travel stories and tips with you!

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