It is January 2016 and a new year just started. Therefore, it is time to review 2015. This blog post describes the top 10 blog posts of 2015. Please take into account that Girlswanderlust was published in September 2015 and just operated for four months in 2015. Enjoy this overview!

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The 30 best travel movies ever
This blog post describes the 30 best travel movies ever. Author Daphne loves to watch movies, especially the movies about travel adventures. Once she has finished watching one of these movies, she is always inspired to travel. In this article, she collected thirty wonderful movies about travelling.
30 best

20 Travel gifts to make your journey smoother and a travel addict satisfied (264 views)
Whether you are looking for gifts for yourself, your favourite travel companion or your best friend, the gifts, described within this blog post, will make your journey smoother and a travel addict satisfied.

Try and enjoy these 20 local dishes of Bali
When you are travelling abroad, it is very nice to try some local meals of your (holiday) destination. Sometimes the local food is way different than in your home country. During the stay of author Daphne in Bali, she tried many local and Asian meals. In her opinion, the assortment of the dishes of Bali is great. The Balinese people have a wide collection of main courses, but also know how to satisfy your sweet tooth, because they have plenty of delicious snacks, cakes and desserts. In this blog post, author Daphne describes her top twenty local meals which you should try in one of the warungs of Bali.

nasi goreng

Experience the real local life of Bali with Bali Rural Commune (BRC)
During the stay of author Daphne in Bali, she got the opportunity to try some free excursions of the company ‘Bali Rural Commune‘ (BRC). This blog post describes the wonderfull excursions, suprising products and especially, the amazing business concept (cooperation with the local community) of Bali Rural Commune.

planting rice

Introduction of Girlswanderlust and the authors
This blog post (page) describes the background of Girlswanderlust. Via this blog post you can also read about author Tamara and author Daphne. Introduction of Girlswanderlust and the authors.

15 Travel interior design ideas to satisfy your wanderlust
This blog post is about some travel interior design ideas in order to inspire you how you can satisfy your wanderlust in your room or house.

surfboard pinterest

A roundtrip through Suriname: Paramaribo
Last year, author Tamara went to Suriname because of her study and discovered the beautiful country Suriname. In this blog post she describes some facts and tourist attractions of the amazing city Paramaribo.


The Liebster Award

This blog post is written because Girlswanderlust was nominated by Lizzie of Pocket Planet for the Liebster Award. This award is a great way to explore new travel bloggers and to encourage each other to keep continuing what we love to do: writing and sharing our thoughts about things we love. Within this blog post Girlswanderlust answers eleven questions (mainly about travelling).

Five nice touristic beaches of Bali
Author Daphne describes in this blog post five nice touristic beaches of Bali, Indonesia.

Virgin beach, Bali.

Wonderful Indonesia: the tropical Gili islands
The Gili Islands are an archipelago of three small islands just off the Northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia and around 35 kilometers away by boat from Bali, Indonesia. This blog post tells you why you should definitely visit one of the Gili islands.


Which blog post was your favourite in 2015?

Author: Daphne

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