Avoid going stir-crazy during self-isolation

Do you find yourself entertaining thoughts of overseas travel or attending out-of-town music festivals only to suddenly covid-19?  You’re not alone! Although your cocoon of activities has shrunken to the limits of your home and property, it’s still possible to do a lot of fun travel activities during covid-19! A change of mindset will make an immeasurable difference. 

Nevertheless, all the suggestions in the world may not have the capacity to completely negate depressive disorders. Fortunately, you can try to alleviate your symptoms if this is an issue. This includes seeking treatment even during the quarantine. For example, the Launch Centers for depression treatment and recovery have made adjustments in order to remain open during the pandemic.

Below you can read some examples of how you can change your mindset and avoid going stir-crazy during self-isolation!

You usually try new restaurants at least twice per week

Almost every restaurant has remained open for take-out or even free delivery. Set up a cultural setting at your residence and order for free delivery (or take-out, if you really must get out of the house, even if it’s just long enough to drive to a restaurant and back). Make sure your home matches the cuisine. For example, Mexican food goes well with Tejano music and colorful lighting. If you have maracas, bring them out! Set up a knee-high table with a cushion on the floor to consume your Japanese cuisine; play Asian tunes in the background. You get the picture.

Your overseas trip has been canceled

First of all, talk to yourself like a grown-up and be thankful you weren’t a passenger stuck on a cruise ship for an indeterminable amount of time. Next, check out shows on the Travel Channel, live streaming of exotic places on your computer, and become engrossed with the experience. This might include burning incense, dim lighting, and making an exotic (preferably non-alcoholic) beverage. You may also plan next year’s trip so that you have that carrot to work toward.

Family or friend game night is canceled

This is one of the easier ones to solve because modern technology has established virtual board game abilities and access. Some sites provide games that can be played with others over wifi, or you can actually use apps such as , Houseparty or FaceTime to play a game!

Photo by Zoe Holling

Your second language adult education classes were canceled

This should come without saying: now is the time to make placards for all the items in your home in the second language. That is not a refrigerator; it is a refrigerator! This is also the time to start reading in the target language! If you have always wanted to learn a second language, by all means, start that ambition now. Install a useful app like DuoLingo. It is also fun to listen to some audio clips from around the world and to guess the spoken language. Can you tell the difference between Portuguese and Spanish? Farsi and Arabic? What about Mandarin and Cantonese?

Photo by Avel Chuklanov

If you have an overflowing garage or basement

It is true that one of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to do something for someone else. Therefore, get your work gloves on and start filling boxes for your choice of benevolent society, whether it is Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a local women’s shelter! When you haul these items to their destination, it will give you a valid reason to make a short sojourn from your home.

Photo by bruce mars

If you have often suffered from depression or anxiety

Find valid yoga and meditation channels or websites (tip: BetterHelp) and spend time meditating and exercising. Get those endorphins flowing, even if you are lifting veggie cans and going up and down the steps in your abode.

Finally, realize you are not alone in this fight. There are many workers, especially medical workers, who must continue to endanger themselves every day that they go to work. Hang tight, we’re all in this together. Any other recommendations? Please share them with us below!

Thank you for reading.
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