Here’s everything for your music festival packing list

Packing for a music festival (Coachella, Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival, Stagecoach Festival) and unsure what you need? Worry not! I have come with an extensive list which might make your bags heavy, but I am telling you, you’re going to have a blast if you follow this list while packing.

Music festivals are great because you find people there who share at least one trait of yours: they love music as well! You will make new friends, and have lots of fun. But music festivals are nothing like a vacay! You don’t get to rest. Instead, most of the day you’re actively standing! And there’s no five-star hotel catering to your needs, either. You need more of a survival kit than a briefcase full of vacation clothes. Anyway, I am listing some of the items below that you’re going to need. Find out what isn’t in your bag already and then check it off the list after packing it. 

Perfect outfit

You are going to have to be creative here. Think about the colors and patterns that go together because I want you to pack light. A pair of trousers that looks great with a boho blouse and a tank top with a cardigan is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about here.

Photo via Unsplash, by Reinaldo Kevin

You need a mix-and-match wardrobe, so you don’t have to carry much, but you can have variety in your outfits. After all, we have to make your music festival trip TOTALLY instagrammable, don’t we?

Toiletry Supplies

Cleaning is of paramount importance, my friend. You can’t even think of going up to that hot guy you end up crushing at if you don’t smell good. Top of the list is wet tissues! They are great for a quick cleanup. You need to make sure you have a stick deodorant because no perfume masks the scent of sweat. They only make it worse.

Photo via Unsplash, by Michael Pepper

Chances are you won’t find a shower there, so instead of roaming around with oily hair, you should pack a dry shampoo as well. You know, only to make sure your looks are on fleek ALL THE TIME! And ladies, we all know that “that” time of the month is highly unpredictable. Pack a menstrual cup as well.

Don’t go cashless

If you try to go cashless, you would be making the worst mistake ever. I mean, if you’re hungry you can’t find a proper restaurant at a music festival. And street food vendors do not accept card, often. Always, always keep cash on hand. You might find it hard to keep it safe, but the old sock trick still works! Even if that isn’t the case, you will find a place to keep your cash safe, like a belt bag!

Photo via Unsplash, by Artem Bali

A power bank

I aggressively snap my friends when I am at a festival and they couldn’t if I get the chance. You would want to stay active on social media as well, but it’s hard to find a power outlet at places like this. Carry one or even better, two power banks with you. If it is your teens going to a festival without supervision, it is even more important to pack a power bank in their luggage. Click here for the details about more gadgets you might need.

Photo via Pixabay

Food supply

Alright, this might be a rarity, but what if you can’t find something edible? I am a vegan, and I couldn’t stand the hotdog stall at a festival last year. Snacking can be tough when all the options available either have meat or are full of carbs. So, I decided that the next time around I would carry something like granola bars.

Photo via Pixabay

I make granola bars at home so that I know they don’t have any additives. You don’t have to go through all this trouble but if you’re a vegan, my friend, pack your supplies because you might not find anything good to eat. 

Stay hydrated

All that dancing and walking and hours of standing would surely take a toll on your osmotic levels. Remember to stay hydrated — a good way of reminding yourself is carrying a refillable water bottle. You are likely to drink more water that way, and there won’t be any plastic wastage either. It is a win-win situation.

Photo via Unsplash, by Autri Taheri

A tent

If you have decided to camp at a festival, you’re going to need a tent and probably an air mattress. Air mattresses are great, they’re easy to move around, and they’re comfortable to sleep on. A good night’s sleep is vital if you want to enjoy through the day.

Photo via Unsplash, by Laura Pluth

It is a good idea to pack a tent that can accommodate a larger group even if you aren’t traveling with a lot of people. That way, you would be able to help someone and give them a roof for a night. And that might turn into one of the best friendships you’d have. Rely on distinguished brands, because you can’t afford a crappy tent ruining your entire trip.

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