If you happen to be in Stavanger during your trip through Norway, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Preikestolen, located in the Lysefjord. This beautiful cliff has a height of 605 meters and give some magnificent views. Especially the plateau is very remarkable, because it has the shape of a square of 25 meters and it’s flat. To reach the Preikestolen, you have to hike a mountain route. In this article I will tell you some more about the hike and I will give you some tips.

Starting PointHow to get to the starting point
If you are staying at Stavanger and would like to make the hike to the Preikstolen, you have to keep in mind that you first need to go to the starting point of the hike. If you don’t have a rental car, you can go by ferry and bus. There are possibilities to do the hike in a group, but I would definitely not recommend this and go individually. The reason for this is because the route of the hike is very clear, so you don’t have to get lost on your own. Furthermore, when you’re hiking individually, you can hike as fast as you like and you can stop whenever you want to.

From Stavanger you first need to go by ferry to Tau. If you walk to the port, you have to keep an eye on the Norled ferry, while this one is going to Tau and back again. The ferry departures on weekdays every 40 minutes, but in weekends there are less departures. In approximately 40 minutes you will arrive in Tau, from where you can take the bus.

Actually it speaks for itself which bus you need to take. When you’ve arrived in Tau, you can find a bus on your left hand, which is going to the starting point of the Preikestolen: Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. If you’re not sure if you have the right bus, the bus driver is happy to help you further. By bus it’s only a 30 minutes’ drive to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. Keep in mind that the buses only drive from April to September each year. If you happen to be here in the other months, you are obligated to take a taxi.

If you don’t want to start immediately with the hike, you can first walk around the place a little and have a drink in the restaurant. Everything you need, you can find here. There are toilets available and you can get some food and drinks.

You can either book a combination ticket of ferry and bus beforehand on several websites, but it’s also not a problem at all if you buy one in Stavanger (I’ve done it myself). When you walk to the part, you can find some stands with people who sell combi tickets for, approximately, € 40,- per person (return ticket).

The hike to Preikestolen
Before I started the hike, I didn’t know what to expect. Of course I read some things on the internet. I knew the hike would take us around two hours upwards and two hours downwards again, but how hard was it going to be?

Take into account that the paths you take, aren’t all that flat. You have many rocks from all sizes from where you need to go upwards, so that can make it hard sometimes. However, during the hike you don’t have to go upwards all the time, there are some pieces of path which are straight ahead, what makes it bearable. At the end of the hike, I was very tired; but it was so much worth it! I love to hike, so I also love the fact that I actually felt tired, but proud. The views over the Preikestolen are just gorgeous. We have been a while on the top to make some photos and to just enjoy the beautiful views. After our break, we went back downwards, which was easier but still kind of hard.

So how hard was it eventually? I find it very hard to make an opinion about that. For me it was average: not too easy but also not too hard. However, I can understand the fact that the hike can be difficult for some people; or actually too easy for some others. I love to hike, but it isn’t something I do daily; so with my condition I found the difficulty level average.

Tips & tricks
Here are some tips you have to keep in mind when planning on hiking to the Preikestolen:
– Take enough water with you
– Since the hike takes around two hours upwards and two hours downwards, also take some snacks with you so you can eat something when you arrive at the top
– For the most quiet moments at the Preikestolen, it’s best to go early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon
– With travelling to the starting point included, you need to keep in mind that this day trip takes around 7 hours in total
– Wear some good hiking shoes, because the paths aren’t all that even
– Wear some comfortable clothes. Besides, in some periods it can be cold at the top; so just in case it’s handy to bring a coat as well
– Go to the toilet before the hike (because during the hike and at the top, there are no toilets)
– Bring your camera, because the views on the top are just magnificent
– And the most important thing: enjoy!

If you have any questions about the hike, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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Hike to the preikestolen_ tips & facts

6 Replies to “Hiking to the Preikestolen: a day trip from Stavanger”

  1. I had not heard of this place before, but it sure looks like a wonderful place. And I totally agree with you that the views are wonderful. The photographs do justice. Thanks for such comprehensive tips about the hike. It will surely help all those who want to hike to the Preikestolen.

  2. I visited Stavanger while on a cruise a few years ago and really enjoyed exploring. I didn’t get the chance to go to Pulpit Rock. It looks like I missed out!

  3. Lol there are definitely no toilets up there! I’m a newbie when it comes to hiking so I appreciate all the tips. I’m not sure I could do this on the first try, but those views are spectacular!

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