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Are you travelling to Malta soon and are you a budget traveler? Then NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel might be a good match with you. It is a low-budget accommodation with a perfect location. In this post, I will introduce the hostel to you and tell some pros and cons.

Note: This post is not sponsored and contains my personal and honest experience.


Location: very good
Room size: good
Room attributes: good
Bathroom: good
Restaurant: good
Common area: very good
Kitchen: very good
Price: good

Hostel review NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel Malta. Front. By @girlswanderlust #Malta

General description and location

Hibernia Residence & Hostel features a nice location in Sliema, a touristic area with many shops, cafés, night entertainment, and restaurants. Within a five-minute walk you can reach the bay and go for a swim. The closest bus stop is also a five-minute walk away.


The hostel has seven different room types; One-bedroom apartment (3 single beds), One-bedroom apartment (4 single beds), Studio (1 to 3 adults), Single bed in 8-bed female dormitory room, and Single bed in 8-bed male dormitory room. I stayed in an 8-bed female dormitory room with five friends for about 12 days. The beds were made up when we arrived, but no towels were provided. The room was clean and a comfortable size for eight persons. There was also a big locker for everybody. This is a good service. However, the beds were not super comfy. They are from wood, and creaking when you move. Next to this, it was quite warm in the room. There is no air-conditioning, just two loud vans… And ohh, there is no WiFi in the rooms, just on the ground floor and top-floor. And unfortunately, they didn’t change my bed sheets, while I was staying for 12 nights in the hostel… This was a pity.

Hostel review NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel Malta. Stekker. By @girlswanderlust #Malta


The bathroom was shared with the entire corridor, so with around 24 people. There were 4 showers and 4 separated toilets, but only 2 showers had hot water. This was a pity.. The toilets were also quite small.


Breakfast is standard included in the price. The buffet is not very extensive, but will fulfill your basic needs. There is white/dark bread, a toaster, cheese, ham, marmalade, yoghurt, muesli, milk, lettuce, tomatoes, and fruits. When you are lucky, you can try a local fresh backed sweet pie. These are nice! Furthermore, you can get coffee, cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, and orange juice from a machine. After 12 days eating the same every day, I wished that the breakfast buffet was a bit more extensive, including eggs, and some other things for on bread. However, for a short stay, the breakfast is satisfying.

Hostel review NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel Malta. Restaurant. By @girlswanderlust #Malta

Common area and facilities

There is a common area on the top floor. This place has a couch, some books, and a television. It also has a laundry room, where you can do your laundry for free. This is a nice service. Furthermore, there is free WiFi on the ground floor and top floor. Since, I stayed in an 8-bed female dormitory, there was a kitchen at our place as well. This was nice. The kitchen is fully equipped and has a microwave.


The staff of the reception was friendly, but does not have so much knowledge about the area. Often, the employees were not able to answer simple questions.

Hostel review NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel Malta. Reception. By @girlswanderlust #Malta


For a single bed in an 8-bed female dormitory room including breakfast, I paid € 25,00 per night. This is a reasonable price in Malta for a hostel.

Overall, ‘NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel’ is a nice hostel to stay. The rooms have a comfortable size, the location is good, and the breakfast is satisfying. However, I only recommend this hostel for a really short stay. When you stay for a longer time around Sliema, I recommend you to find another hostel, maybe one that is cleaner, has more facilities, and a more extensive breakfast buffet.

Hostel review NSTS Hibernia Residence & Hostel Malta. Breakfast. By @girlswanderlust #Malta


– Avoid the elevator. It is old and gives the feeling that it can break down any moment.
– There is a little supermarket located next to the hostel. A bit expensive, but nice to buy some groceries.

Author: Daphne

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  • Christina

    This hostel sounds like a great alternative for those traveling on a budget and looking for a place in Sliema, Malta. Great find! It has all the positives, especially for the location. I completely agree though that the downsides you mention like the limited selection at breakfast would make this place most suitable for those looking for a short-term stay.

  • ambujsaxena05

    I have never stayed in hostels before but of late I have been reading so many blog posts that convince and urge me to stay in one! They are cheap ways to stay and you can mingle with the travelers as well as locals! Hibernia hostel looks like another great way to experience a new culture! Thanks for sharing

  • Megan Indoe

    I would have loved to see photos of the room. I always decide on a place by photos or seeing a room in person. I would mostly be interested in getting the studio that fits 1-3 adults. I love when places include breakfast too, so I may like the other hostel better.

    • Girlswanderlust

      Yes, due to circumstances I was not able to make photos of the room, and on the hostel’s website the photos are not well representing the room in my opinion. That’s why they are not included in this post. It is indeed nice when a hostel provides breakfast!

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