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In December, me and my sister decided to go to Vienna for the weekend to visit some Christmas markets, do some shopping and explore some more of the city. We were looking for a hotel with good reviews, comfortable rooms, a good location and not that expensive. During our search, we came across Hotel Nestroy Wien, which matched our wishes. We booked this hotel for two nights. In this post I’ll share my experiences with you during my stay.

General Description

Hotel Nestroy Wien actually is part of the Hotel Imlauer Wien. These hotels are both on another side of the road but easily to reach. The hotels both have their own image and type of rooms, but do share the facilities and reception. When you arrive at Hotel Nestroy Wien, it’s important to know that you can check-in at the other side of the street, at Hotel Imlauer Wien.

Quoted from the website of Hotel Nestroy Wien: “Behind the historic façade of the Hotel Nestroy Vienna lies an urban “lifestyle” hotel. With its open architecture, coupled with Viennese charm, the “Nestroy” distinguishes itself from the other houses, fitting so wonderfully into the colourful, multicultural area of Leopoldstadt.


Hotel Nestroy Wien has a very central location. Although the hotel isn’t located in the city center, there are some restaurants and shops in the direct environment. If you would like to go to the city center of Vienna, it’s only a 15-20 minutes walk (and a nice walk as well!). You can also chose to take the metro. At a walking distance of 2 minutes you can find a station, from where you can take the metro to the city center. Personally, I love to walk so I didn’t mind walking the 15 minutes.


All facilities of Hotel Nestroy Wien can be find in Hotel Imlauer Wien. In the building of Nestroy Wien, there aren’t any facilities. There’s a small lounge and an elevator, but that’s about it. At Imlauer Wien, you can find a restaurant, bar, the reception, a sauna (free of charge) and a fitness studio (which is also free of charge).

Hotel Room

The rooms at Hotel Nestroy Wien are quite simple, but do have a lot of space. I loved that about it, because with that space I could easily open up my suitcase on the ground without any troubles. The rooms aren’t that new (or modern), but they’re clean and have everything you need. It’s a comfortable room and good to stay at for a few nights.

In total there are 25 rooms to be found in Hotel Nestroy Wien. There are no big differences: you can chose between a single or a double room.

Restaurant (for breakfast)

Like told before, you can find the restaurant at Hotel Imlauer Wien. You cannot eat at the restaurant in the evening, but it’s actually focused on the breakfast buffet. It’s definitely recommended to book your stay including breakfast, as the buffet has much choice, there’s something for everyone. You can have breakfast between 06:30 and 10:30 AM. Next to the restaurant, you can also find the bar of the hotels.


In general, Vienna is a quite expensive city to stay at. If you would like to stay in the city center, it’s much more expensive than when you stay just outside the center, like we did. I looked up the price of hotel Nestroy Wien in this year, which costs around € 100,- per night (for two persons, excluding breakfast). However, we did pay more for our stay in December 2019 (it was around € 150,- per night). For a ‘not so cheap’ Vienna, the price-quality ratio is good. You can book this hotel through


The service overall was quite good. By arrival, we received our key and went to our room, where we found out that the housekeeper was still busy with cleaning. We went back to the reception and received a lot of apologies. As we wanted to wait for our room to be ready, they offered us a drink from the house, so that was very kind. After a while it was all fixed and we could go into our room. Also during breakfast, the staff was very friendly.


The overview is a summary of the points written above. I’ll give a point from one star until five stars where one star is very bad and five stars is very good.

Location: ****
Room size: *****
Room attributes: ***
Bathroom: ***
Breakfast: ****
Facilities: ****
Price – quality: ****

As you can see above, I’m very positive about Nestroy Wien. The location is perfect and the room has lots of space. The breakfast is delicious and there are several facilities which you can make use of. As there aren’t any ‘special’ facilities in the room or bathroom, I’ve rated these two with three stars. However, the room was comfortable and good.

Address: Rotensterngasse 7A, 1020 Vienna

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored and contains my personal and honest experience!

Author: Tamara

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