Hotel Review Tebing Guesthouse, Taman Negara

Taman Negara is one of the world’s oldest rainforests and absolutely worth a visit when travelling to Malaysia. The rain forest of Taman Negara is one of the best places of Malaysia for a real jungle experience, together with the jungles in Borneo. When travelling through Malaysia, I’ve stayed two nights in the Tebing Guesthouse, located in Kuala Tahan, right next to the starting point of Taman Negara. In this article I’ll give you some of my own experience about the Tebin Guesthouse.

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General description

Kuala Tahan is a small village, but one of the few starting points of paying a visit to Taman Negara. From here, you can easily grab a watertaxi to go to the other side of the water, where you can find the main entrance of Taman Negara. I think it wouldn’t surprise you that Kuala Tahan has several possibilities for accommodation.

All accommodations are very basic and simple, but provides everything you need. After some searching, we decided to stay at the Tebing Guesthouse. One of the many reasons was the fact that this guesthouse had some very good reviews.

At the waterside of Kuala Tahan (from where you can take the watertaxi), you can find many eateries on the boats. Again, these eateries are very basic, simple and typical Malaysian. However, all those boats on where you can eat, creates a quite nice atmosphere.


Like said before, Kuala Tahan (and Tebing Guesthouse) is a great starting point for paying a visit to Taman Negara. If you walk out of the backside of the accommodation, you’re already on the waterside. You only need to walk for a few minutes before you get to all the eateries and the watertaxi to the entrance of Taman Negara. It’s a perfect location!

Guest Room

The room we stayed at, wat very spacious; but also very basic. There was a bed and a bathroom, but not much else. There was a small table, but we needed to put our suitcases on the ground. That was quite disappointing. However, the room was clean and I slept pretty well. It was fine for two nights.


In the morning, the guesthouse provided us breakfast at the small (outside) restaurant they have. The buffet wasn’t that extensive, but had everything I needed; it was very nice. One of the employees even made us some fresh banana pancakes, which were delicious!


The employees of the guesthouse were very friendly and hospitable. At arrival they showed us our room and we got a map of the national park. Furthermore, they provide us some possibilities for excursions to make and book through them. If we had any questions, we could always walk by and ask. They were always willing to help us! They also provided a laundry service, which was a great addition in my opinion.


The price of this guesthouse is pretty cheap! You pay around € 30,- per night for two persons, so it’s definitely attractive for budget travellers. Price-quality ratio is perfect. You can book this guesthouse at


This overview is a summary of the points written above. I’ll give a point from one star until five stars where one star is very bad and five stars is very good.

Location: *****
Room size: ****
Room attributes: **
Bathroom: ***
Facilities: ***
Price-quality: *****

Above you can find how I think about the several subject regarding the guesthouse. In short, it was a really nice guesthouse located at a very central place, close to the entrance of Taman Negara. The employees of the guesthouse were very hospitable and wanted to help us with everything we needed. The rooms were very simple, but fine.

If you’re looking for an accommodation which offers a great starting point for visiting Taman Negara, the Tebing Guesthouse can be something for you!

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