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Kuala Lumpur is the capital and biggest city of Malaysia. Because of this fact, you’ll not be surprised when you hear there are plenty of options for accommodation in this big city. There is something for everyone: from hostels to luxurious hotels and from bed & breakfasts to apartments.

When I was traveling through Malaysia and stayed at the Cameron Highlands, I decided one day beforehand in what accommodation I would stay at during my two nights in Kuala Lumpur. I looked through multiple booking websites and came across The City Box: located close to the Petronas Towers with good reviews and for a reasonable price. In this article I’ll tell you some more about this accommodation.

General description – The City Box

The City Box is a hotel organization located in an apartment building in the Bukit Bintang District. The apartment building exists out of approximately 40 floors with several organizations offering rooms. The City Box also offer several rooms in this building. In one room, you can find the office / reception where you can go to with all your questions.


Like said before, the City Box has a perfect location! It’s located near the Petronas Towers and other many highlights of Kuala Lumpur. Just around the corner you find many restaurants and cafes where you can spend the night. The monorail stations are also at walking distance, so from here you can easily go to other districts of Kuala Lumpur, like China Town or the Botanical Gardens.


The rooms are located in an apartment building, where several other hotel organizations are established as well. Therefor, the “hotel” doesn’t offer many facilities. There is no restaurant where you can have breakfast or dinner. When you walk out of the building, you can find a 7/11 where you can buy some sandwiches for breakfast.

However, there is a luggage storage and laundry/ironing service available. Just ask the reception and they will help you further. There is also a gym where you can make use of.

Hotel Room

Our hotel room started with a “living room” which you share with another room. To enter this living room, you need to use an access code. In the living room you can find a coach, a small kitchen and a washing machine. From this living room, there are two connecting rooms. Each room can be accessed with a key.

Our room was quite small and simple, but had everything we needed. There was a small desk and the bed was good. The bathroom was fine as well. It wasn’t luxurious or anything, just fine. Everything was clean, so that was the most important thing.


For a night you pay around € 70,- in a standard room (of course without breakfast). For the location it’s a great price. However, it wouldn’t be something for real budget travellers.


This overview is a summay of the points written above. I’ll give a point from one star until five stars where one star is very bad and five stars is very good.

Location: *****
Room size: ***
Room attributes: ****
Bathroom: ****
Facilities: **
Price-quality: ***

Above you can find how I think about the several subjects regarding the hotel. In short, the location is perfect! It’s close to the Petronas Towers and several monorail stations. The room was good; very simple but I had everything I needed. However, there aren’t many facilities offered and for breakfast you need to get something at a local supermarket. It’s a fine hotel when you’re looking for an accommodation at a perfect location and when you aren’t a real budget traveller.

Would you like to read some more about the city Kuala Lumpur? In this article I’ve created a city guide with all the highlights of the city.

Address: Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

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