How to create and edit travel videos

Travel videos can be either extremely fun or challenging to make. Travel videos are a creative way of sharing your experiences with the world. You do not need to have any significant experience to create or edit travel videos. You still have time to learn and can start now. Here’s a guide on how to create and edit travel videos.

How to create travel videos?

1. Coordinate your trip

The process of making a travel video starts before you start your travel journey. The first step is to research trip ideas, destinations, the places you will be staying and visiting, budget making, and pitching sponsorship. You need to have your concept and visions ready before you depart. If your trip is pre-planned and organized, then you will have some clarity on what to expect. In simple words, create an outline for your travel video.

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2. Curate a video script

You need to have clarity on how you want your video to turn out. You will be confused and clueless if you do not have a video script. Your travel video script can include narrations and instructions on how to go from one transition to another. If you are making a travel vlog or interviewing people in your travel video, you can also write down dialogues. Writing a video script will give you an overview of your travel video goals. It will make you understand if your video is missing anything important and if you need to add anything or make changes.

3. Prep your camera equipment

Travel is unpredictable, especially if it’s a foreign destination that you haven’t visited before. You wouldn’t want things to go awry or your equipment stolen or damaged in the middle of the trip. Research the weather, climate, and local environment of your travel destination. Make prior arrangements and set your camera settings according to your planned video outline.

4. Incorporate video introductions

When making a travel video, it is suggested that you include an introduction to the video. Give insights on what your video is focused on, why you chose the particular travel destination, and the travel challenge or goal you will be focusing on in the video. Your video introductions should be direct and clear. Video introductions help engage your audience since they give your audience an overview of what they should expect from your video.

5. Understand the many types of video making

Decide what kind of travel video you are making. Is it a travel vlog, a broll (beauty roll) that includes alternate shots to incorporate storytelling, or a voice-over narration? You do not need to fixate on one and can vary your shots between the three. 

Travel vlogs have become popular on YouTube where the personality-based vloggers curate panoramic shots, details on local culture, food, and lifestyle along with a little vlogging footage to humanize their video and share their experiences.

6. Include music in your travel video

The music that you include in your travel video should resonate with the vibe and theme of your video. For example, if the travel video is about Japanese bathhouses, then you can use slow and calming sounds, if it includes lots of adventure footage, then you might include fast-paced music; if it’s just a light-hearted video, then a fun track will work perfectly.

How to edit a travel video?

Now that you have your travel video ready, it is time for you to edit your footage and make it ready to post.

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1. Choose a video editor

There are countless video editors available online for free or at affordable rates. You do not need to find professional video editors with lots of complex tools, especially if you are a beginner. Video editors which  are quick and affordable video editors that will help you edit your videos in minutes instead of hours. They come with numerous templates, tools, and tutorials that guide you on how to edit videos.

2. Trim the unnecessary fat

Once you are done making your travel video, you should sit down and watch the entire thing from start to finish. Note down if you come across any unnecessary footage that feels irrelevant. Trimming is an important process that will help you edit your videos more efficiently.

3. Reconsider your music choices

Now that you have trimmed your video, you might have some more clarity on how you want your final footage to look. If you have already included music, you should reconsider and think if it fits with your video’s message. You can also include sound effects or ASMR audio clips of wind, clouds, thunder, or trickling rain sounds.

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4. Use storytelling method

The storytelling method always sells, since it is much more engaging when there’s a plot added to the video. An ideal travel video should have an introduction, a plot and a conclusion. You can also include seamless transitions in between scenes, use images, special effects, and voice-overs to tell a story.

5. Find your rhythm

Before you get too excited and try to incorporate everything in your travel video, you need to understand the importance of finding a nice rhythm and flow. Don’t just jump into the video, take it slow, and ease your audience into the travel experience to make them feel like they are a part of it. Then maybe, if you feel like, you can amp up the rhythm. Finding your travel video’s rhythm is crucial to building audience engagement. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your audience by doing everything all at once in an unorganized way.

6. Include subtitles

A huge majority of viewers  watch videos on their mobile phones while they are on the move. Not all of them can plug in their earphones and listen. They prefer subtitles. By including relevant keywords, subtitles can also act as an SEO strategy.

To conclude, creating and editing travel videos can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming, but having a clear plan on how you want your final footage will make the video making and editing process much easier for you. Do not hesitate to be creative or experiment with your ideas and thoughts.

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