How to find the ideal travel partner

There are people who love to travel solo. You learn a lot about yourself and you can do whatever you want and whenever you want. On the way, there are always possibilities to connect with fellow travellers, but in the end you can always make your own choice. However, no matter how great solo travelling is, it’s also pretty great to share your travels and experiences with someone. But not every friend or acquaintance is a good travel buddy. Even travelling with your best friend can be a big challenge, when you both want to do different things during your trip for example. In this article, I will give you some tips for when you’re looking for the ideal travel partner.

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Same interests

When travelling with someone, it’s important you both share the same interests; which means that you need to find someone who is interested in doing the same things as you. There are travellers who love to relax the whole vacation, lay down on the beach and have a nice evening having diner in a restaurant and after going out. However, there also are travellers who would like to travel around and explore some culture and sights. You definitely have to search for identical interests before planning a trip together.

Travel budget

One of the most important things when planning a trip together, is to discuss the travel budget. Some people have more money to spend than others. This is also a reason to stay in certain type of accommodation. You have to know from each other what you expect and how much both of the travellers can spend. If you discuss and plan this beforehand, there won’t be any surprises during the trip.

Be honest with each other

Being honest with each other won’t cause any frustrations and problems. Be honest before a trip starts, while planning the trip and during the trip. In this way, you know exactly what you can expect from each other. If you walk with frustrations during the trip, it doesn’t make you any happier.

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Planner or not?

It’s important to know from each other to what extent he/she is a planner and it’s also important to have the same thoughts about planning. Some people love to plan every-thing, each day and each accommodation, while others don’t like to plan anything at all. You have to find someone who thinks the same about planning, or otherwise it’s important to find a middle way of planning. For some things, like the transport at the destination, you need to inform yourself beforehand and read some more about the general information. It’s important to both do this.

Where to find your ideal travel partner?

Often, there are people in the environment (in your circle of friends and family) who is your ideal travel partner. However, not always is this the case; and sometimes you’re travelling solo and would like to find a travel buddy for a while. What are the best ways to find a travel partner?


Travellerspoint is one of the internet’s largest and most active travel communities. You can read more about destinations, accommodations, but you can also talk with fellow travellers and find a travel partner through the travel forums.


Couchsurfing not only is a great website where you can find a good place to stay for free, but it’s also a great website when you’re looking for a travel partner. There are some forums on the website available where you can talk with fellow travellers and find a travel partner.

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Beside the websites above, there are also some more websites where you can find your travel partner. Not only through forums, but also on websites where you can create your personal profile. Furthermore, if you look through Facebook, you can find several groups which are focused on travelling and finding travel partners.

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