How to have coffee while you travel

If you’re a dedicated coffee drinker and don’t want to risk missing your daily dose on your next trip, you can simply bring your coffee with you. Also if you like partying and often struggle with your hangover, coffee is seen as a savior.

But how do you bring coffee with you? Packing your coffee maker or espresso machine is impractical, but there are other options that are smaller and easier to pack. In fact, since these options are so easy to use, and make great-tasting coffee, you might consider using them even when you are at home.

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The first option is to pack a small French press in your luggage. French presses come in a variety of sizes and are available in glass or plastic. To use, remove the plunger and add a rounded tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee beans for every 200 ml of water. Pour hot, but not quite boiling water into the pot and stir. Set the lid on top, leaving the plunger up at first. Let the mixture stand for three to four minutes, then slowly press the plunger down. For best results, enjoy immediately.

Another easy way to take your coffee with you is in the form of cold brew coffee bags. These bags can be found online and in many retail stores. While directions may vary depending on manufacturer and bag size, they all work in basically the same way. Place the bag in a pitcher with the designated amount of water and let it steep for the stated amount of time, usually 12 to 24 hours. Cold brew can be served over ice or, if you prefer, heated in the microwave for a hot cup of joe!

There are a number of single-serve portable coffee presses on the market these days, including Palmpress and Aeropress Go. While not identical, both of these presses function similarly to each other and resemble a traditional French press. Fill the brewing cup with the correct amount of ground coffee and water, and let it rest on top of a mug for the specified time, depending on the type of drink you are making. Then, gently press the plunger to extract the coffee into the mug. Both devices can be used to make hot or cold coffee and are easy to use and to clean. Their compact size makes them a great travel companion.

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If none of these options meet your needs, there is still one more alternative. Just toss a jar of instant coffee in your bag and get on the road! True coffee lovers may turn their nose up at the idea of drinking instant coffee, but before you do that, just remember that instant coffee is made from the same coffee beans as traditionally brewed coffee. Today there are even more varieties of instant coffees from brands you may already know and trust, including flavored coffees and instant espresso. Some companies even make single-serving packets, so no measuring is required!

No coffee enthusiast should have to live a day without their favorite beverage. Be prepared on your next trip with one or more of these simple ideas, and it will be smooth sailing!

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