The Perfect Instagrammable Holiday in Santorini

We see many things through the lens of Instagram nowadays. One thing which is always going to get likes from your followers is plenty of snaps from a gorgeous holiday away. Santorini is one of the most coveted destinations; beloved for its crystal-clear waters, white buildings, and pretty blue roofs. It is the perfect opportunity for you to add a little colour to your Instagram theme. Here are some of the things you should do to have the perfect Instagrammable holiday in Santorini.

Rent a Private Villa

It can be incredibly irritating when you are just trying to get your perfect shot by the pool and a fellow oblivious holidaymaker jumps in to cool off. Even if you have found the best infinity pool Santorini has to offer, chances are it is the main pool of the hotel which means it is likely to be incredibly busy no matter what time of day or night it is. Instead, a private villa with its own pool is going to be a much calmer environment for you to get the perfect snaps in.

BlueVillas specialises in luxury, private villas with the best views of the Aegean sea. What’s more, you might find one of these villas more economical than you think when travelling as part of a group. With six or more of you splitting the cost, you could have the perfect holiday away indulging in some luxury travel at a slightly cheaper cost than you would pay on your own.

Get Up Early for the Sights

You will no doubt want to grab the perfect picture of you casually wandering the streets of Oia, the blue skies and roofs behind you. However, everyone else will also want to grab this snapshot. Coachloads of tourists from cruise ships arrive each day and you will have to jostle with them to get the perfect unspoilt view.

If you would much rather take your time and try to get an unspoiled photograph, you will need to get up early. Oia gets busy at about 10.30 AM. If you can get to the village for about 8 AM, you should have all the time you need to take a photograph in the unspoilt beauty of the quiet streets before retiring to a café for a light breakfast and some people watching.

Go Off the Beaten Track

While there are plenty of famous tourist spots in Santorini, there are also plenty of places which are hidden away. If you are looking for the perfect site to pitch up and have a photoshoot, even if you are not in Oia you will probably find a massive group of people who all want to do the same. Instead of fighting with them for space, head off the beaten track a little.

By driving up a track or climbing the next hill over, you don’t know what you might discover. From the perfect little inlet with a private beach to a forgotten little lighthouse, exploring will help you to find some wonderfully unique shots.

Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe Carefully

A holiday to Santorini requires some careful planning when it comes to outfits. Many people like to choose a palette of white and blue as this will allow them to blend into the buildings around them. If you are wandering the streets in white shorts and a cute blue top, you are going to match the structures around you effortlessly.

Alternatively, you might decide that you want to wear something which makes you stand out. Bright orange would be a great choice here as it is the complementary colour to blue, but you also might be able to make several stunning outfits using purple or green. Stick to block colours or simple prints so you don’t confuse the picture too much. Simplicity is key.

Remember to Enjoy Yourself

One of the worst things you can do when you are away in a place as beautiful as Santorini is to forget why you are there; for a holiday. While it is nice to shoot half a dozen photographs for your Instagram feed, there is also plenty to do once you have put the camera down.

Don’t let yourself get too caught up in getting the perfect shot. If someone dives into the pool when you are posing, smile and put the camera away. If someone else barges into you when you are exploring the streets, graciously move on. Do not let the fact that you aren’t getting perfect photos ruin your holiday.

You should also remember the power of the candid photo. Some of the best photos we could hope to take are candid; relaxed and totally ourselves. If you can take a few of these when you are away travelling in Santorini, you are likely to treasure them far beyond the posed ones.

All photos via Unsplash.

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