Falling In Love With Jersey City

Parts of Northeastern New Jersey line the border of New York City. That makes them an excellent home base from which to explore all parts of this sprawling region of the United States.

One such place is Jersey City!

Jersey City lies a short distance away from midtown Manhattan, making it easy to get there without paying a premium. This city of roughly a quarter of a million is home to a diverse population. It’s also home to many things you’ll want to see and do here as well as in other parts of the area. 

Jersey City has lots of places to stay overnight and for those in search of a longer stay. If you’re thinking about a visit here, you’ll want to get everything in order before you leave. Admire the panoramic skyline and explore the many terrific restaurants. This is a place to savor and appreciate in every way.

A Statue of Liberty Cruise 

The Statue of Liberty is one of those things that everyone should see in person at least once. Jersey City makes it easy to see this American icon from many varied angles. Choose to head off to a local park for a chance to see it at a distance. Another way to get to know the statue is with a cruise. 

Jersey City offers the chance to get onto the waters of the Hudson River and see the entire area as it was first seen when the area was lightly inhabited. Cruises leave from many parts of the area—book one during the day for a pleasant afternoon party. At night, the sky lights up. This is another great chance to see the area. Take a night cruise and watch the statue and the harbor it shows off.

Photo by Luke Stackpoole

Liberty Science Center 

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll want to make a beeline for one of the most renowned museums in the country. The Liberty Science Center is a magical place. Spread out over a series of floors, it offers incredible views of Manhattan and the area from large windows. In between lies a series of structures designed for kids of all ages. Younger kids have a space for them. Take the toddler out of the stroller and let him touch things. Slightly older kids can discover how water falls and drop balls from large heights. After lunch, take them to the rest of the museum. This is a place that is all about children learning to understand their world. If you don’t have a car, there are lots of buses and other forms of public transport that make it easy to get here. 

Photo by Sven Becker

Art Galleries and Theaters in Jersey City

Jersey City has a thriving arts community. You can venture directly into Manhattan to see Broadway shows. While they might be closed because of Covid, but when it reopens, you’ll be more than rewarded by the opportunity to see some of the best of live theater. The White Eagle Hall is home to many outstanding performances. The Mana Contemporary, Art, and Cultural Center is an immense space devoted to all things related to art. Take classes or just walk around the space and have a look at what contemporary artists are doing right now.

Jersey City and it’s marvelous Parks 

While this is a very urban place, it’s also a city that likes many open spaces. The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is well worth a walk any time of the year. Bring your good walking shoes and hit the pavement. This the place for incredible selfies to show off to your friends. 

Where to Stay 

Deciding where to stay is made easier by the fact that there are so many options. This is where many New Yorkers and many native New Jerseyans choose to live if they are working or attending school in New York. Many transportation options make it easy to get there and back. 

If you decide you want to extend your stay, a quick search of the internet will yield a list of potential coliving and micro-apartments in Jersey City. These forms of communal living offer many benefits. They’re lower in cost, allowing people to save somewhere around $500+ per month compared to what they would be paying elsewhere. Co-living spaces are typically fully furnished with a well-appointed kitchen, weekly professional cleaning, free on-site laundry, free high-speed wi-fi, and easy transfers to other co-living spaces when you’re ready to move on.

We hope this short guide to Jersey City has inspired you to visit this sprawling region of the United States for a longer time. If you need any more tips, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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