A day trip to Klampenborg from Copenhagen

Klampenborg, a suburb to Copenhagen with world’s oldest amusement park, large houses, beaches and an extensive deer garden forest park, is definitely worth to visit for an exciting one day trip from Copenhagen. Together with two other friends I cycled from Copenhagen to Klampenborg, which took me around 40 minutes. By car it will take you just around 20 minutes from Copenhagen, but there is also good public transportation to Klampenborg. In this post, I will tell you why this suburb is amazing to visit.

First of all, we visited the extensive deer garden forest park. The official name of the park is Jægersborg Dyrehave. The park covers around 11 km² and is known for the many beautiful oak trees and deers (approximately more than 2000). Since 2015 the park is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an amazing piece of nature where you can enjoy an afternoon walk or Picknick with friends. In the middle of the park you can find the Eremitage Hunting Lodge (Eremitageslottet). This is a huge royal hunting lodge which is still in use sometimes. In front of the typical red gates of the park, you will find plenty of horse carts who can drive you around the park for a little fee.

Another thing you will encounter in the deer garden forest park is the world’s oldest amusement park called Dyrehavsbakken (also called Bakken and literally in English ‘The Deer Garden’s Hill’). The park looks a bit like Tivoli and has plenty of restaurants, cafés and attractions. The entrance is free for everybody and for the rides you have to pay. Bakken has more than 30 different rides, including roller coasters. The atmosphere of the park is very special. Even though you know it is a very old park (built in 1583), it is a real pleasure and fun place to be. It is such a surprise that you encounter in the middle of the nature and definitely worth to visit. By car it will just take you around 20 minutes from Copenhagen, but there is also good public transportation to the park. More information about the park can be find via this link (click).

After a visit to the deer garden forest park and Bakken, it is nice to have lunch in one of the ten restaurants around Bakken. I don’t have any restaurant recommendation, because I brought my own food and enjoyed a Picknick in the deer garden forest park.

Klampenborg is known for a popular beach destination in summer. The main beach, called Bellevue Beach, attracts more than 500.000 visitors a year. It is a beautiful beach to visit. When you go in the water via the piers, you can avoid the seaweed. At the far end of the beach, there is a nudity area. The beach is great for sunbathing, swimming, sports or to have a barbecue. There are several toilets available and a small shop where you can buy ice creams, drinks, grilling stuff, etc.

Bellevue Beach

When there is still time left after a visit to the beach, you can visit the Skovfogedegen. an old hollow oak tree. The tree is more than 800 years old and was used in the 1800s as a secret place to hide. It is an official sight of Klampenborg, but if you are not really a nature- or tree lover, you can skip this sight.

Klampenborg also has a royal golf club (Københavns Golf Klub) and flat horse racing track (Klampenborg Galopbane). Every month several activities will be organized on the horse racing track. You can visit their website for more information about the events (website is in Danish).

I experienced Klampenborg as an interesting suburb of Copenhagen. I definitely liked to spend time on all the above mentioned things. Klampenborg is a great for an exciting day trip from Copenhagen!

Have you ever visited Klampenborg? What was the thing you liked the most?

Author: Daphne 

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