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Day trip itinerary to Kutna Hora from Prague

For those looking for an exciting day trip from Prague, Kutna Hora is one of the interesting possibilities. This little city is only an hour train ride from Prague. It contains several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is perfect for a day trip from Prague. I will share with you my travel itinerary.

10:04 Train from Prague to Kutna Hora hl. N.
11:02 Train from Kutna Hora hl. N. to Kutna Hora-Sedlec
11:06 Arrival at Kutna Hora-Sedlec
11:06-11:10 Walk to Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady

11:10-11:30 Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site: Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady

The cathedral was established in the early 1300s and is rebuilt in the Baroque style. The seamless combination of Gothic and Baroque styles is most prominent in the little cathedral. If you are not a big cathedral lover, I would recommend to skip this one.

Admission: Adults 30 CZK, Children/students 20 CZK

11:30–11:45 Follow your way straight to the Sedlec Ossuary
11:45–12:30 Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site: Sedlec Ossuary

This unique cemetery chapel is decorated with the bones of up to 40,000 people. It is known as the bone church and officially called Sedlec Ossuary. This chapel was the main reason for me to visit Kutna Hora. The Sedlec Ossuary is definitely among the most unique churches I have visited. You can read more about the history, special designs and sculptures, entrance fees and tips in this post.

Lunch break
12:30–13:00 Walk to Organzza Café
13:00–14:00 Lunch at Organzza Café

This café is really nice. It is small, but serves great food and drinks. You can also order take-away coffee. They have home-made pastries, sandwiches, burgers, and salads. I ordered a hot-chocolate and cheeseburger. It was delicious and just costed 138 CZK.

Address: Palackého nám. 93/14, 284 01 Kutná Hora, Czechia

14:00-14:15 Walk to the Church of St. Barbara
14:15-15:00 Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Church of St. Barbara

This is also a must visit in Kutna Hora! It is a massive gothic cathedral from the 14th century. It looks a lot like the Notre Dame of Paris. The cathedral is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site and has amazing stained glass windows and statues. You will walk to the cathedral crossing the Barborska street. This kind of a bridge. From here you can make amazing pictures of the cathedral!

Admission: Adults 90 CZK, Children/students 65 CZK

15:00-15:05 Walk to Hradek and the Silver Mines
15:05–16:30 Visit the Hradek and the Silver Mines

Within this museum, you get to know everything about the mining town Kutna Hora. When was the silver discovered in the town? What were the consequences for the town? You can also visit a replica of a medieval mine and learn everything about technical equipment, machines, and processing. Equipped with a lamp, helmet, etc. you can go through the 250 m. long medieval mine. This museum offers two tours:

Tour 1 – The Town of Silver:
Duration: 1 hour
Admission: adults 70 CZK and students/children 40 CZK

Tour 2 – The Way of Silver:
Duration: 1,5 hours
Admission: adults 130 CZK and students/children 90 CZK

Combination of both tours:
Duration: 2,5 hours
Admission: adults 150 CZK and students/children 100 CZK

The Church of St. Barbara

16:30–16:35 Walk to the stone fountain
16:35–16:40 See the stone fountain

The Gothic stone fountain was built in 1493. The fountain has twelve sides and is pretty large.

16:40–16:45 Walk to Church of St. James
16:45–17:15 Visit the Church of St. James

This church was built around the 14th century and is part of the famous Kutná Hora skyline. It is the oldest church in town and it is known for its unusual height.

Admission: adults 40 CZK and students/children 20 CZK

Church of St. James.JPG
Church of St. James


The St. James church is close to the center. Here you can find some nice restaurants for dinner. I decided to travel back to Prague to have dinner in Prague with my friends.

Way back
17:15–17:30 Walk to Kutna Hora Mesto train station
17:15–17:45 Walk to Kutna Hora Sedlec train station

The way back to Prague will take you again around one hour.

I hope you will enjoy Kutna Hora! And if you have any other tips about this amazing town, please let me know! =)

Author: Daphne

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  • Paige Wunder

    I’ve never been to Prague, or the check republic, actually! But these seem like great day trips. I love the old churches. Hot chocolate sounds like the right call since it looks nice and snowy! Great day trips to keep in mind when I get there! Cheers!

  • wanderingchocobo

    This looks like an amazing day trip. I have to admit Prague wasn’t my favorite city, but I wish I would have got out to see more of the Czech culture. That bone church is just crazy, it must have really been something to see first hand. I hope I can make it back up there someday.

  • thetravelpockets

    This is a great day trip itinerary. I was really intrigued by the bone church. I have never heard of anything like it. The photos were so interesting and for some reason it sorta reminded me of a scene from Game of Thrones.

    • Girlswanderlust

      Thanks! Yes, the bone church is spectacular and definitely worth a visit! I am a Game of Thrones fan too and indeed this chapel could be a nice addition to the game of thrones throne =)

  • Julie Cao

    The Sedlec Ossuary looks interesting but I will probably too scared to see the bones. It will be a great place for haunted tours at night. Hradek and the Silver Mines is my kind of place, as I would love to get to know the history and the mining process of Kutna Kora.

  • Shane Prather

    Gothic and Baroque are hands down my favorite architectural styles. Wish I’d had ample time in Prague for daytrips out here!

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