Last week, I enjoyed a nice holiday on the Italian island Sicily. Me and my sister were staying in Giardini-Naxos, at the Atahotel Naxos Beach. Giardini-Naxos is located in the east of Sicily and nearby the beautiful city Taormina, so we had to spend a day in this city. From the tour operator we got an useful tip for a route to walk through the city. When you do this route, you will see all the highlights without walking so much around. In this article, I will tell about the route we walked and how we spent the day in Taormina.


In the photo above, you can see the route we did the day we visited Taormina. From Giardini-Naxos it is very easy and cheap to take the bus to Taormina; it costs € 3,- per person for going there and going back and it only takes approximately 30 minutes to get there. So we started our walk at the bus terminal of Taormina. From there, we walked towards the end of the street Pirandello, where there was a big stairs at the corner. Before we walked down the stairs, there was a viewpoint with a breath taking view of the sea and the well-known Isola Bella.

So after making some pictures, we decided to walk down the stairs. It is quite a long way, but not that hard to walk at all. Besides, during the walk you have some amazing views across the sea and the paths are very nice surrounded by flowers and more. At the end of the stairs, you will get on a more touristic place of Taormina. It is a main road which you just have to cross and then you are already at the entrance of Isola Bella.


Isola Bella is a small island and is also known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. In 1990 it was bought by the Region of Sicily and now it is turned into a nature reserve. When the water is low, there is a path where you can walk on towards the island. We had the luck that the water was low, so we took a walk to the island. Unfortunately, this place is very touristic and with good weather, there are a lot of sunbathing people on the beach near the island. I think that was a disadvantage of this spot. However, it is worth the visit, because it is very beautiful!

After Isola Bella, we drank something at one of the many beach bars and then we walked back to the main road and went to the left side. After walking for around five minutes, we came at Mazarrò and the well-known gondola which brings you back up to the city centre of Taormina. Going up with the gondola costs € 3,- per person. We went up, where after we decided to walk to the Greek Theatre (Teatro Greco) first.

The theatre is absolutely worth a visit, because it is beautiful and you have some breath taking views up there. The entrance fee is € 10,- and if you are between the age of 18 and 25 you get a discount of 50%, so you only have to pay € 5,-. As I am 21 years old, I had the luck that I got the discount, but I think I would have paid the € 10,- as well. On this day, the theatre was not that crowded at all. There were only a few people in there, so that made it even better for us. We could take some beautiful pictures and walked around the theatre for a while.

After the Greek Theatre, we walked back and went to the main street of the city centre, namely Corso Umberto. We walked through the street, passing some shops, and went to a square where we found the Taormina Church and the San Giuseppe. It was a beautiful square with, again, a beautiful view over the sea. After walking a bit, we decided to take a side street and ate a pasta at a restaurant called Déjàvu.

After eating our lunch, we went back to the bus terminal and to Giardini-Naxos. A fun fact: lunch is for the Italians the most important meal of the day. They eat lunch very late in the afternoon and they are really enjoying it.

All with all, Taormina is a beautiful city which is definitely worth the visit when you are travelling to Sicily and happen to be in the east of the island. It is a city with lots of amazing views, beautiful tourist attractions, small Italian streets and good food. I can also recommend you to walk this route, because it is a nice walk and after all, you can see a lot.

Do you still have any questions about Taormina or Sicily in general? You can always ask me in the comment section below.

Author: Tamara

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La bellissima Taormina

15 Replies to “La bellissima Taormina, Sicily”

  1. I have heard wonderful things about Sicily but have never been. I’m soon moving to the country and now I know exactly where to go. Thank you for the tips! Beautiful pics by the way.

  2. This is so charming. The Greek theatre sounds like an awesome experience. It is great that you had a relatively empty theatre and could walk around and click some stunning pictures. The views are spectacular.

  3. I love Sicily and the city of Taormina is so cute. During my visit, I was the only one stood on that patch of beach by the Isola Bella, but it was March! The amphitheatre is so cool too. Your post has brought back some happy memories – thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! Oh wauw, I think Isola Bella is so much better without all the tourists, haha. However, I was there in high season of course, so you can expect the place to be crowded.

  4. I was actually going to skip this area in my Italy trip, but I think your article has persuaded me otherwise.

    1. Yeah, Taormina is definitely worth a visit! I’ve heard that Catania isn’t that special, so I would skip that city if you were planning to go there instead.

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