Ways to overcome loneliness while traveling solo

Traveling alone has many benefits. You meet new people, have time to become yourself, and experience new things. However, solo travel has its disadvantages too. I often get the question “Don’t you get lonely traveling by yourself?” Yes, sometimes I do, but I overcome loneliness while traveling solo and continue my way. How to beat loneliness? I hope these tips can help you.

1. Overnight in hostels

A hostel is by far the best way to meet new people! Hang out in the kitchen or the lobby, and start a conversation about where else people have traveled or ask for sightseeing tips. Food also connects people! Try your chance during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, when you see people play a game, just ask if you could join!

How to find hostels? Try Hostelworld!

2. Join an activity

Hostels often organize free activities like pub crawls or free walking tours. Join one of those activities! For sure, you will meet new people and at the same time you can explore.

3. Take time to explore

When you feel lonely, staying inside is not going to help. Go and explore the neighborhood. Just walk around, go people-watch, or get some food somewhere. There is nothing wrong with wandering or dining alone. Also take the time to do this. When you stay longer at a place, it is easier to meet new people.


4. Think about your trip

It is always good to think about your entire trip. For how long have you been travelling? Think about the amazing people you have met so far, and the great things you have explored. There is so much more to explore and to see. Just continue your way!

5. Find a travel partner

Try to find a travel partner. When you are not lucky in your hostel, try the internet or an application on your phone. Facebook has plenty of groups for travelers, there are websites like or or (dating) applications like tinder where you can simply write down in your description that you are new in town and are looking for a travel partner. Interested in meeting locals? This post describes five ways to meet locals while traveling.

6. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is definitely something I can recommend. It is a great way to meet locals and to get to know some insider tips. During my backpack trip through Scandinavia, I decided to join the Couchsurfing community in order to make my trip as cheap and enjoyable as possible. As a Couchsurfing newbie it might be strange to sleep over at a stranger’s apartment and you might be wondering how you can prepare yourself for the best experience. You can open this post, to learn everything about Couchsurfing.


7. Talk to friends and family

Again, traveling is all about getting to know another way of life. Talking or writing to people you know and trust, however, can work miracles when you are down. Open up, and tell your loved ones that you miss them. Just be careful, you may miss them even more once they hang up. So make sure you balance calls home with spending time with your new friends abroad.

8. Set yourself a 10-person challenge

Play a game! Get your lazy ass out of your room and go explore. Strike up a conversation with at least 10 strangers. For sure, you will meet new people.

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Talk for instance with strangers on local markets! – Indonesia

9. Treat yourself

If you feel very lonely, it might be good to treat yourself for a day. Do what you love to do. Watch your favorite series or eat your favorite meal? Go for it! You for sure, will feel better afterwards.

10. Look at your location

When still feel lonely after the 9 above tips, it might be better to change your location. At some places, it is just easier to meet new people than at others.

I hope these tips can help you to overcome loneliness while traveling solo.

Author: Daphne

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  • Jyotsna

    10 person challenge sounds like fun, never tried that. but yes I do travel solo a lot and staying in hostels / couchsurfing and finding a travel mate have been the keys for me to stay sane and avoid feeling lonely. also do ur research and dont book a newish hostel, i did that mistake more than once and ended up in an almost empty dorm, which is no fun btw.

  • Stella Jane

    These are all good tips for not getting lonely. I travel solo all over the world and I have never gotten lonely. I’m an only child so I’m used to a lot of “me time”. But I enjoy day trips/tours for meeting people. I can spend a few hours with some interesting folk and still have my own room!

  • Candy

    I really like your suggestion of challenging yourself to talk to 10 strangers. I feel like this is something that would motivate me to talk to others as I’m generally quite shy 🙂

  • Vibeke Johannessen

    I went solo travelling once in Australia and it was hard in the beginning and I felt so awkward going out eating alone. I met people quite easily at the hostel and went out partying with them. I would love to travel alone one more time at least 😀

  • Rhonda Albom

    Great list of tips. I haven’t travelled solo, but I image that I would feel lonely at times if I did. I love the idea of the 10 Stranger challenge. I did similar with a photography challenge – only I had to take photos of 100 strangers, and while its purpose was to improve my portrait photography, I certainly met a lot of people.

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