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Lots of people love to keep up a travel diary during their trips. They buy a notebook beforehand and take it with them on their trip to write about their adventures every day. I also often keep up a travel diary. However, sometimes I forget about it or I do not have a lot of time during my trip to write down everything. That is why I sometimes also write ‘travel stories’ after a trip on my computer (mostly in Word). When I have made a photo album of that specific trip, I print out my travel story and put it in the photo album. Not very ideal, but it works.

Homepage of Travel Diaries

I did this, until I ran into the app and website Travel Diaries a couple of weeks ago. This is a website where you can turn your travel stories into a real book with your own input of photos, text and everything else. Very easy to make and a very creative way of turning your travel stories into a real travel diary (book).

Write down your story

You can make chapters (like a chapter per day) and choose your own style.

Add photos to your travel diary

The best part about making a travel diary, is the fact that you can add any photo to a certain part of the travel story. You can divide your book however you want it and add photos where ever you would like to.

The mainpage of creating a travel diary on the website of Travel Diaries

Make maps of your journey

It is also possible to add a map to your travel diary. Did you make a road trip somewhere? Then there is the possibility to add the map of the certain destination and pin your route you have made. You can also just drag pins to the places you have been, without showing a route.

Watch travel diary examples on the website

There is an option on the website to make your diary public. You can also choose to share a few pages of your diary. A lot of people shared their books on the website, which you can look at as inspiration for your own book.

Examples of travel books on the website of Travel Diaries

Order your diary as a printed book

You can keep your dairy on your account at the website, but the best way to keep your travel diary is to have it as a real, printed book! This is also possible.

I just started my first travel diary and I have to say, I am very excited about this website. It works easily, it is free, you can use an unlimited amount of pictures and you can chose to print it (for a fair price), to share your stories with family and friends or to keep them to yourself. A very nice way to make something of your travel stories.

How do you keep your travel stories? Do you always write them down during your trip, are you keeping a blog or is this a great way of making a travel diary for you too?

Author: Tamara

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