Why Mellieha should be on your Malta bucket list

Malta is one of the sunniest and most beautiful places in Europe – getting up to three hundred days of sunshine per year, this gorgeous island has so much to offer any visitor. However, when you are visiting Malta, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount to see and do. When you are making your Malta bucket list or Malta itinerary to ensure you cram in as much sightseeing and adventure as possible, make sure to top your list with stunning Mellieha.

The northernmost town in Malta, Mellieha is a relaxed alternative to the more populous Valletta, with plenty to keep you busy – read on to discover some of our top Mellieha picks.

Ghadira Bay

Perhaps it sounds obvious, but hitting the beach is a must in sun-soaked Mellieha. Of course, it won’t be all you want to get up to, but for those relaxing days, head to Ghadira Bay. 800m in length, this beach holds the title of being the longest on the island, and it feels somewhat like a tropical paradise.

The white-sand beach is ideal for families or sun-seekers, and the clear, tranquil water is a great place to swim. There are also some amenities available, such as sunbeds, and places to buy drinks.

St. Agatha’s Tower

If you would rather soak up the culture than soak up the sun, then you should head to St. Agatha’s Tower. This beautifully preserved watchtower is a striking red and has presided over the area since the 1600s. Head up St Marfa’s Ridge to explore this small chapel, where a handy leaflet will tell you more about its history.

Come for the history, but stay for the views – you are at one of the island’s high points, so you can really enjoy the gorgeous vista, and spy Gozo Island rising from the sparkling ocean waters.

Photo by Lukas Haen

Popeye Village

One of the more quirky attractions in Mellieha, Popeye Village was built to film the iconic musical version of “Popeye”. However, once production wrapped, Mellieha kept the crooked, colorful set intact, forming one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island, particularly for families with young children.

You will love the themed places to eat, and there are plenty of activities for those who want to have a little fun. There is even a water-based obstacle course for more adventurous visitors. Or you can simply take some Instagrammable pictures of the unusual buildings!

Gozo Island

Mellieha is the perfect jump-off point to go on a further adventure to Gozo Island, where natural beauty and wonder go hand in hand with active exploration. This tiny island is ideal for those who thrive on a variety of activities, with a little something for the history buffs, too. Enjoy some hiking along the cliff tops or experience the thrill of kayaking. 

Alternatively, head to the temples of Ġgantija and be awed by the Il-Kastell fortress. There is so much to see and do that you might want to allow a full day to explore it all. Only twenty-five minutes by boat, don’t forget to enjoy some authentic Maltese seafood before heading back to Mellieha.

Photo by Aman Saxena

We hope that this has inspired your trip to magical Mellieha! With all this and more to offer, this exciting town is a real must-visit as part of your Malta holiday.

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