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Christmas Cruise: Lübeck, Copenhagen & Bremen

Last weekend, I made a minicruise from the North of Germany to Copenhagen and back. We started Friday in Lübeck and during the evening and night we travelled by the TT Line to Copenhagen, where we spent the Saturday. On Sunday we spent some time in Bremen, where after we travelled back home. Three cities in three days! In this article I will bring you with me during the trip.

I made the trip together with my sister. It was an organized bus trip, so on 9.30 in the morning we had to be at the meeting point, where we travelled from to our first stop: Lübeck. After a stop on our way at a gas station, where we ate a delicious sandwich, we arrived around 16.00 in Lübeck.

We had a few hours in the city, which was completely decorated in the Christmas atmosphere. There were Christmas stalls everywhere, which is very common in the German cities. In the heart of Old Town Lübeck you can find a big, but cosy Christmas markets with lots of lightnings and Christmas stalls with food, drinks and Christmas decorations. In the middle of the square, you can find a huge Christmas tree. Another square features all kind of stalls for children. There is also a carousel and the square really looked like a fairytale area. There where stalls which showed a fairytale, which is very nice for the children.

After having some time in Lübeck, we went to the TT Line boat, where we spent the night in one of the sleeping cabins. The boat was called ‘Peter Pan’ and you could find images of this fairy tale everywhere on the boat. There is also a bar and a casino. In high season you can also use the cinema to watch a movie, but it wasn’t open when we were on the boat. Our cabin was simple and small, but good and had everything we needed. We slept early, because we had to wake up at 6.00 a.m. Time for another day!

We arrived early in the morning in Malmö, where we made a quick tour with the bus through the city. After Malmö, we went over the big bridge to Copenhagen, where we had a whole day to spend (10.00 to 18.00). Another, more extensive, article about our day in Copenhagen will come later (stay stunned!), but here you can already enjoy some photos. It was such a nice day, after a lot of dark days in the Netherlands, we finally could enjoy the pretty sun! It was really nice.

After our day in Copenhagen, we had to go back to Malmö for our departure on the boat to the North of Germany again. It worked the same as the day before, we slept kind of early and had to wake up on 6.00 a.m. again.

After some travelling by bus, we arrived at Bremen, where we had the time to spend some hours in this city. Because it was a Sunday, the shops weren’t open unfortunately. We wandered a little over the beautiful Christmas markets and had some lunch in an eatery. In Bremen, most eateries had a breakfast buffet, which you could eat from until approximately 13.00, so that’s what we did. We had some sandwiches and other delicious dishes.

The Christmas markets are especially around the big church in the middle of the city center and along the water, which had a really nice atmosphere. It’s really nice to spend a day here and enjoy the Christmas markets. Bremen has many different stalls; from food and drinks to Christmas decorations and winter clothes.

In short, I think a minicruise is a perfect way to see many cities/places in a short time. If you aren’t sea sick, it is a great way of travelling. I had a really nice experience. And in this time of the year, a great way to experience several Christmas markets!

Have you ever been in one of these cities before and what did you think about it? Let me know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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