Must-try foods when Traveling to Japan

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One of the most popular, most recommended countries to travel to is Japan. The Land of Rising Sun also has a significant technological advancement, diverse ancient and modern cultures, and culinary wonders. Travel to Japan and witness first-hand why this is one of the best countries to travel to. For outstanding driving and travel experience in the Land of the Rising Sun, have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association ready and on-hand.

With all the gastronomical options in Japan, choosing one can be pretty daunting, especially for new travelers. While it’s good to be adventurous and try all sorts of fresh food, take note of these must-try Japanese foods that are sure to kick-start your appetite and make your food travel in Japan worthwhile and remarkable, as these are not only the most delicious but the most popular as well.

1. Sushi

Perhaps one of Japan’s most recognizable foods is sushi. One cannot mention Japanese cuisine without sushi popping in their mind. While I’m pretty sure most already know what sushi looks like, just to give a bit of a background, it’s a small dish made from vinegar rice and seafood placed on top. Sushi service is in a box with assorted variations of it, some with raw fish, some with eel.

Apart from the typical way of serving sushi in restaurants, one can also get their sushi fix via kaitenzushi or conveyor belt sushi which is reportedly more affordable and a great, fun experience.

2. Tempura

Another staple of Japanese cuisine that tourists must try when traveling to Japan is Tempura. Typically prawn, tempura is made from ingredients coated in batter and deep-fried to crunchy perfection in oil. Diners can choose from prawn, squid, vegetables, and a good deal of other tempura options restaurants offer.

With plenty of options to choose from and lots of restaurants worth a visit, it’s a must to go exploring in Japan.

3. Curry Rice

Curry might be a dish that one often associates with India, but Japan has its version of curry. Japanese Curry Rice has a darker-colored sauce with a thicker consistency and a sweeter flavor, consisting of diced potatoes and carrots, often poured on top of rice and served with either a side of pork or chicken cutlet.

If you’ve developed a curry rice craving by now, fear not! Japan’s popular curry rice dish is literally in every eatery or restaurant. Travel to Japan now and experience its rich tradition and sample the delicacies that make the Land of the Rising Sun is famous.

4. Sukiyaki

Whether you travel to Japan in colder seasons or would just like to satisfy your cravings and curiosity, sukiyaki is a dish you can’t afford to miss! If you’re familiar with hot pot or the process of dipping ingredients in hot, boiling broth to cook, then you should know what to expect when dining at a sukiyaki place. From meat to vegetables to tofu, sukiyaki has a wide variety of dishes to cook at the table, much like shabu-shabu.

Experience sukiyaki dining at its finest and most authentic in Japan. The weather doesn’t matter; it’s always worth a try! Travel to Japan  and kickstart your Tokyo adventure in the most exciting way possible!

5. Ramen

Who could forget one of Japan’s most recognizable dishes? As known by almost everyone globally, Ramen is a noodle dish served in hot chicken, pork, or beef broth. Various flavors have emerged, from spicy to curry, giving diners more ramen options to choose from. A particular etiquette when eating ramen must be followed, such as ordering one bowl at a time and avoiding lingering or staying in the restaurant since seats are scarce. These are important to note down if you wish to have a peaceful time eating and traveling in Japan.

Experience the best and most authentic ramen in the world-right from the source in Japan! Have an IDP from the International Driver’s Association ready with you at all times to ensure a safe, legal, and hassle-free driving experience in Japan!

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