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Must visit in the Netherlands: Scheveningen

A little while ago, during the summer, I went a day to Scheveningen. Scheveningen is a district in the city The Hague which is located at the coastline of the Netherlands. I live in the east of the Netherlands, so for me it is more like a day trip to go to the west side of the country. When I spend a day at the beach it really feels like a sort of vacation to me. I can really enjoy a day like that. If you are travelling to the Netherlands, I can really recommend you to spend a day at Scheveningen. In this article I will tell you why.


The Pier
The famous hotel ‘the Kurhaus’ and ‘the Pier’ are characteristics for Scheveningen. Both have been closed for a little while, but now they are open again. When you walk through the Pier, you will come across a lot of cosy eateries. At the end of the Pier you can go upstairs, where you will get a breath-taking view over Scheveningen. It is so pretty! Since a few months, they put down a ferris wheel at the end of the Pier. I have not been into the ferris wheel, but I have heard it must give a breath-taking view over Scheveningen and the sea as well.

During the ‘beach’ season (from the month March until October) the beach eateries are set up for the season so you can enjoy a nice meal or drink directly at the beach. Especially with nice weather those beach eateries have a cosy ambiance where you can enjoy a holiday feeling and have a great view over the sea.

Of course Scheveningen is also a great place to visit during the months which are not very warm. During those months, there are still enough eateries to choose from. At the boulevard there are lots of (fish)restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with a nice view over the beach.


(Evening) activities
During the summer months, there are a lot of events organised at the beach of Scheveningen. You can often enjoy a nice beach festival or go to the Circus theatre where you can enjoy a musical or funny cabaret performance. There is also a possibility to go to the casino.

When the weather is not that great, you can choose to go to Sea Life, which is located at the boulevard of Scheveningen. Here you can view all sorts of fishes and have a nice afternoon. Scheveningen features also a museum which shows everything of the history of Scheveningen. The museum is called Muzee Scheveningen.

The Hague
Scheveningen is a district in The Hague, one of the biggest cities of the Netherlands. If you would love to go to Scheveningen, you can definitely consider to combine this trip with a visit to the city. The Hague is very beautiful, good to shop and features a lot of tourist attractions. One of the things to see is the Binnenhof. At this place, the Dutch politics are established. Furthermore, you can visit the ‘Haagse Markt’ which is a market that you can visit four days in the week. Another popular tourist attraction is the ‘Mauritshuis’. This is a museum with mostly paintings from the 17th and 18th century. If you are into museums, this one is definitely worth a visit. From the Hague you can easily travel by tram to Scheveningen, which takes little time. There are both in The Hague as in Scheveningen accommodations, so you can look what fits best for you to spend your nights.


Time of visit
I am starting with this subject, because Scheveningen is very popular and can be very crowded at certain moments. Especially in high season (summer) the beaches are really, really busy. In the summer, people in the Netherlands have vacation: children/students do not have to go to school and lots of people take vacation from work. During the most beautiful days, people often go to the beach. Besides, in the summer we (the Netherlands) receive most tourists from all over the world. Scheveningen is a very touristic place. That is why I can recommend you to go in May/June or in September. These months can also be very warm and at the same time in these months, Scheveningen will not be that crowded. Check beforehand what the weather is going to be, because that can differ each day here!

If you are looking for more information about Scheveningen and The Hague, you can click on this link. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask them in the comments! Have you ever been to Scheveningen or The Hague before?

Author: Tamara

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