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Why you should spend your New Year holidays in Dubai

If you are already starting to look for a destination where you can relax during the winter and New Year holidays, then you should consider going to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The city is beautiful at any time of the year. However, the winter there is truly bewitching. 

We are not talking about the fact that you will see lots of snow there. On the contrary, this city is suitable for those who want to celebrate the New Year in exotic conditions, where there is no snow. In addition, at this time of the year, the city hosts just a crazy amount of various events. So you are guaranteed to find something to do in Dubai.

You will be able to engage in active recreation, arrange a shopping tour and make sure that you relax with all your soul and body so that you can start the new year in an energetic state of mind. 

Let’s talk about what you can expect from Dubai in winter during the New Year holidays.

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Reasons to spend your New Year holidays in Dubai

Enjoy comfortable weather conditions

If you are a chilly person, then the weather conditions in Dubai in winter will please you. On average, during the day the temperature remains around 25°C, and in the evening and at night it can drop to 15°C, so you will need to take warm clothes for walking around the city in the evening. You can even dip a toe in the water as the sea temperature is 20-23°C.

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Plenty of recreation activities

A helicopter tour in Dubai is a great way to enjoy the city from a different perspective. A ride offers the most mesmerizing views of the city. Most tours depart from the gorgeous Palm Jumeirah Island, so you can enjoy Dubai’s most iconic monuments and landmarks.

If you really want to start the new year fresh and revitalized, then you should go to a spa and have a massage in Dubai. There are plenty of massage parlors in Dubai where experts know how to help you release tension from your body. If this is what you need most, then visit and choose the most suitable procedure for you. You can choose any type of massage, as well as choose a bath.

It’s also a good idea to visit the desert during your New Year holiday in Dubai. Head deep into the heart of the desert and witness one of the most stunning sunsets of your life. Most desert tours in Dubai include delicious barbecue buffets, unforgettable evening camel rides, sand boarding, henna painting, sheesha, and belly dancing! The desert is also a great place to celebrate New Years’ Eve.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy person, leave the glamour and decadence in Dubai and make your way to Hatta. An exclave of Dubai and Oman perched high up in the scenic Hajar Mountains, Hatta is an adventeruous hub with kayaking, mountain biking, zip-lining, hiking and more other adrenaline pumping activities.

Discount shopping time 

In addition to the fact that various festivals and events are held in the city during this period, many people prefer to come here, because the city hosts crazy promotions and sales for shoppers. 

Discounts in stores begin to appear already in November, but from December to January, even more profitable promotional offers appear. Thus, this is not only a great opportunity for shopaholics who want to update their wardrobe, but also a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. You can even buy expensive branded items at an attractive price.

Amazing Christmas and New Year celebration 

During the New Year holidays, in Dubai, everyone will be able to see an amazing New Year’s fairy tale on the streets of the city. The entire city is decorated with garlands, Christmas decorations, lights, and more, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Apart from that, you should also stay here for New Year’s celebrations to see the biggest fireworks display in the whole world. The fireworks during the Dubai New Year are some of the best in the entire world and you can even watch them for free! If you want to find the places where the fireworks will be seen the best, then you can go to the following spots:

  • Burj Khalifa Fountain
  • Souk Al Bahar
  • Dubai Opera House

A huge number of people come here just to see this spectacle. You can also stay overnight at Burj Khalifa Fountain or Souk Al Bahar.


If you want to have a fabulous New Years Holiday then you should consider going to Dubai. The city is amazing this time of year. The biggest advantages are the weather conditions and discount shopping time. There is no heat here, and a cool atmosphere reigns outside. Everyone will find something to do because the number of activities in Dubai is surprising.

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