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A list of the best restaurants in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is a beautiful city in the Netherlands which I visit a lot. As someone who lived there (and now live nearby) I know the city quite well. In a later post, I’ll provide you a city guide, but first it’s time for a list of the best restaurants in Nijmegen (in my opinion). Enjoy!

Photo by Joran Quinten on Unsplash

About Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, located in the province of Gelderland and at the east side of the country, near the German border. It’s well-known as ‘old city, young vibe’, because it’s a student city and therefor very lively. Nijmegen is full of great hotels, restaurants and cafés. There are also some great sights to visit and the city is located at the river the Waal, which also offer some beautiful views. During the third week of July, the ‘Nijmeegse Vierdaagse’ will be each year (unfortunately not during the Covid-19 period) in the city, one of the biggest events in the Netherlands and therefor worth a visit!

A list of the best restaurants

Nijmegen offers a great diversity of really nice restaurants and in this post I’d like to share with you my personal list of best restaurants in the city.

Photo via the website of Zotte Lemke

Het Zotte Lemke

Restaurant Het Zotte Lemke is my personal favorite. I’ve already been here more often and there are always new dishes to try. The staff is very friendly and I love the atmosphere in the restaurant. Like they also tell theirselves, it’s a authentic restaurant in a historic ambiance. You can eat several fish, meat and vegetarian dishes and they also serve seasonal dishes. As for the drinks, they have their own beer! Absolutely a recommendation to try this one, as it tastes delicious.

Restaurant Het Zotte Lemke is open from Thursday to Sunday from 03:00 PM until 00:00 AM. You can make a reservation online through the website of the restaurant.

Lange Hezelstraat 59
6511 CC Nijmegen

Photo via the website of Bistrobar Berlin

Bistrobar Berlin

Bistrobar Berlin is an atmospheric restaurant located just outside the city center of Nijmegen. The restaurant is well-known for its daring combinations of flavors and unique dishes which you can share with each other. The restaurant also has an extensive wine menu for the wine lovers.

Bistrobar Berlin is open each day of the week from 04:30 PM. You can make a reservation online on the website of the restaurant.

Daalseweg 15-17
6521 GE Nijmegen

Mi Barrio

Restaurant Mi Barrio offers a wide range of dishes. As said on the website: it’s Spanish-Mediterranean with an Asian wink. It’s a menu with dishes from Streetfood to Diner. You can also have a ‘shelf’ with a selection of the dishes Mi Barrio offers (in a small variant). Mi Barrio also is well-known for its cocktails.

Restaurant Mi Barrio is open from Friday until Monday, from 12:00 PM. You can either make a reservation online or through telephone.

Fransestraat 58
6524 JE Nijmegen

Photo via the website of De Nieuwe Winkel

Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

Like the restaurant writes on its on website, De Nieuwe Winkel is a hidden jewel in the city center of Nijmegen. Flavor is the most important thing for De Nieuwe Winkel. They offer unique dishes with lots of special flavors. You can either chose for a three-course, six-course or nine-course dinner (with or without drinks included). The dishes differ each season.

Restaurant de Nieuwe Winkel is open from Monday until Saturday (Sunday closed) from 06:00 PM. It’s recommended to make a reservation far beforehand, as the restaurant can be fully booked very fast.

Gebroeders van Limburgplein 7
6511 BW Nijmegen

Photo via the website of Nibbles


Nibbles offers a nice place in the middle of the center of Nijmegen where you can enjoy delicious, small dishes and share them with each other. Next to a menu where you can chose your own dishes, you can also take ‘Nibbles choice’. With this choice, you’ll get a selection of the dishes which Nibbles recommend.

Nibbles is open from Wednesday until Sunday from 10:00 AM. They will only take reservations for groups of six persons or more, so it’s not possible to make a reservation beforehand. You can always check on how busy it is beforehand by calling.

Ganzenheuvel 1
6511 WD Nijmegen

Photo via the website of Merano

Pastarestaurant Merano

If you’re into Italian food, you’re at the right place at Restaurant Merano. They don’t have pizza’s, but you can enjoy some amazing pastas (with meat, fish or vegetarian) and antipasti. They also have a wide range of wines for the wine lovers. The restaurant has a nice ambiance and, with good weather, you can enjoy your dinner on the terrace.

Merano is open each day of the week from 04:00 PM until 09:30 PM. You can easily make a reservation online through the website of the restaurant.

Lange Hezelstraat 33a
6511 CB Nijmegen

Grut Food and Drinks

Restaurant Grut has a really nice and relaxing ambiance where you can eat dishes in a mix of influences from a diversity of countries. From Oriental to Mediterranean and from Arabic to Dutch, you can eat it all here. The menu change on a daily base, so there’s always something new to try.

Grut is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The restaurant is open from 05:00 PM until 01:00 AM and the kitchen until 10:00 PM. You can make a reservation by telephone if you’re with less than five persons and you’d like to dine inside between 05:00 PM and 07:00 PM. If you would like to dine after 07:00 PM, or on the terrace, you cannot make a reservation beforehand.

Berg en Dalseweg 236
6522 CE Nijmegen

Photo via the website of Wally

Restaurant Wally

In my opinion, Restaurant Wally is the best burger restaurant of Nijmegen! You can eat a diversity of delicious burgers (my personal tip: the Wally burger). You can either eat at the restaurant or you can take away and eat at home.

The restaurant is open each day of the week (also for take away) from 05:00 PM. From Friday until Sunday the restaurant is already open at 03:00 PM. You cannot make a reservation beforehand.

Hertogstraat 47 en 57
6511 RW Nijmegen

Izzi Restaurant

If you’re a sushi lover, you should definitely pay a visit to Izzi Restaurant. With its beautiful location along the river, you can enjoy a nice sushi-Asianfood dinner. They don’t only serve sushi, but also other Asian dishes, like honey duck, curry and dumplings.

Izzi Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 04:00 PM until 10:00 PM. You can make a reservation beforehand by telephone.

Vismarkt 3
6511 VJ Nijmegen

This is part one of my personal list of favorite / best restaurants of Nijmegen. Later, I’ll complete the list with help of a new post. What is your personal favorite restaurant in the city? Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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