The Panajachel, Guatemala bucket list with 30 things to do

Looking for things to do in Panajachel, Guatemala? Then you should read our Panajachel bucket list! Panajachel is in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Panajachel (also called Pana) is a small town on the North shore of Lake Atitlán and is one of the major tourism areas in Guatemala. Author Daphne visited Panajachel from August until December 2018 and made this bucket list to prepare her trip.

The Panajachel bucket list with 30 things to do: Nature

– Visit Reserva Natural Atitlán, a former coffee plantation being retaken by natural vegetation

✔ Enjoy the nice views on the lake from Mirador del logo Atitlán

✔ Visit the Panajachel Park and learn about the statues

The Panajachel bucket list with 30 things to do: Culture

✔ Visit Casa Cakchiquel, to participate in a cultural activity or to practise yoga

– Improve your Spanish skills at a local language school

✔ Learn about Mayan good such as textiles, paintings, jewellery, clothing, and accessories

✔ Go Shopping at Santander

✔ Visit the Church of St. Francis of Assisi

– Learn about how the volcanic eruptions have changed the landscape at Musei Lacustre Atitlán

✔ Take a backstrap weaving class with Maya Traditions Foundation

✔ Learn everything about cacao and chocolate at the Choco Museum

✔  Celebrate independence day in Panajachel on September 14

✔  Go massive drinking and enjoying the firework at the Festival of San Francisco de Asis in Panajachel

The Panajachel bucket list with 30 things to do: Activities

– Go scuba diving in lake Atitlán

✔ Go kayaking / stand-up paddling at lake Atitlán

✔ Go biking around Panajachel

– Watch a movie at Solomon’s Porch

– Hangout at Hostal La Iguana Perdida

✔ Sweat out the toxins in a Temescal, a traditional Mayan Sauna

– Go paragliding above the lake

✔  Learn about the local food at a cook workshop

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The Panajachel bucket list with 30 things to do: Eat and drink

✔  Eat vegetable lasagna at Lazarronis

✔ Eat the best pizza in Guatemala at Circus Bar

✔  Enjoy the view at Sunset café

✔ Visit the local mercado to try delicious fruits

✔  Try papas y pollo from a street vendor

✔ Try tacos and sweet corn from a street vendor

✔ Try a Gallo or Cabro brand beer

✔ Have a drink at La Palapa

✔ Drink a delicious coffee at cafe Loco

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Have you already visited Panajachel? Did you like it? Do you know any other amazing things that should be added to this list?
Let me know!

Author: Daphne

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