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Photo diary London and Canterbury

I just came back from a short trip to London and Canterbury. I went to London ones before (two years ago), but I never went to Canterbury. In the time I went to London, I had not seen everything yet, so that was for me a good reason to go again! This time I went with my sister and we were so excited. We went for four days (two days travelling by bus, one day in London and one day in Canterbury). In this blogpost I would like to share some photos of our trip and tell about the things we did.


First we went to the city centre of London. We decided to go to Hyde Park, because it is Christmas time and during Christmas you can always find the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Winter Wonderland is a big “Christmas market” with lots of attractions, stalls and decorations.



Even though the park was very nice to watch and walk around, it was also expensive. Like we all know, the United Kingdom and especially London, are not very cheap in general. The entrance fee of an attraction costed around five pounds (€7). We decided not to do this and took instead some hot chocolate and crêpes and then continued our way around the city centre.


Our next stop was King’s Cross Station, known of her notoriety for the Harry Potter films and platform 9 ¾. We as big Harry Potter fans wanted to take a look at this and of course we also took a photo.


DSC_7400 (2)

We also went to the Harry Potter Shop, which is located next to the “Platform 9 ¾”. We bought us a book and some Bertie Bott’s Beans in every flavour (known from the films). You have some nice flavours and some nasty flavours and trust me, the nasty ones really taste horrible.


After the Harry Potter adventure, we took some coffee in Covent Garden and just walked around a little bit in Oxford Street, Soho and China Town. Fun thing about this day, was the fact that there was some Christmas party happening in the city. Everywhere on the streets we saw people who were dressed in Santa Claus suits, it really gave me a Christmas feeling!


The next day we went to a city close to London, Canterbury. This town was much smaller as London, but also a place really worth the visit. It was nice to escape the bustle of the big city for a while and to enjoy another beautiful town.


Canterbury has some lovely, traditional architecture and it has a cosy atmosphere. It also has a lot of pubs and cafés. The town features great shops and it is well-known for her beautiful cathedral.

DSC_7428 DSC_7431

When you go around Christmas, you will also find many stalls where you can do your Christmas shopping. I did not buy much, except for a nice book. What we noticed, was the fact that the books are very cheap around here (differently from all the other things here). I really love English books, so that is why I bought myself a great book.



I can really recommend going to Canterbury. Maybe it is a nice idea to combine it with a trip to London. These two places are very different from each other, but both has their uniqueness.

Author: Tamara

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Photo diary London and Canterbury

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