Last weekend I was in Tallinn for a little city trip. At this moment, the city is a real winter wonderland. I loved the snow, the fact that the city is very cosy, the food and the hospitable people. Also, Tallinn is in this time of the year not touristic at all, which I love when I am travelling. Later this month, I will give you more tips to do and visit. For now, it is time for showing you some photo’s which I made during the weekend. I took my camera during two days (Saturday and Monday). 


The first day I took my camera with me, we went to old town. This is absolutely a must visit during your trip in Tallinn. This day, there was not that much snow comparing to the next days, but still it was a beautiful winter wonderland.

We wandered through the cute, little streets of the city and admired the beautiful architecture. We came across the Tallinn Town Hall, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the St. Nicholas Church and many more hot spots.

Like you can see it the pictures above, the city also had some great viewpoints. This was beautiful to see in both the afternoon as in the evening.

The second day I took my camera with me, we went to Telliskivi: a district just outside the city centre of Tallinn, in a former industrial complex. This district is also known as the Creative City. It features ateliers, studios, creative companies and offices of artists. You can find many shops which offer products such as interior design and clothes. Also, there are many unique cafés and restaurants which you can find in the area.

Like you can see in the pictures, it was snowing the whole day and it did not stop. It was very cold, but still a real nice day. You can also see that there is a lot of street art in Telliskivi. I always find this very impressive and cannot hold myself from taking pictures. The building with the cat street art and the words ‘Kivi, Paber, Kaarid’ (rock, paper, scissors) is a nice restaurant. We had lunch over there and the food was very tasteful. Besides that, the staff was very friendly.

In the pictures above you can see some containers and old trains. These are actually little eateries. How unique, right? I have not been inside, but I really liked the concept.

After Telliskivi we also went for a short time to Linnahall, which photos you can find above. Linnahall is a former sports venue (for the Moscow Olympics) which is located on the harbour of the city. It is also very close to old town. Since Linnahall is located next to the sea, you can have a beautiful view on top of the hall. Unfortunately I could not take a great picture of the view due to the weather that day. Nowadays, the hall is not open anymore.


And then we returned to old town for just a little while. That’s where I made the last picture.

Soon I will give you more tips about Tallinn. Hopefully these photos made you want to go to Tallinn as well, it definitely is worth the visit.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below.

Author: Tamara

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Photodiary Tallinn

16 Replies to “Photo diary of Tallinn, Estonia”

  1. Estonia is definitely on my list and these pictures made me even more determined to go. It seems like now is the perfect time to visit as you get the beauty of the snow with less crowds.

    1. Oh that’s so nice! I would actually love to visit Tallinn again during the summer. I’ve heard there are places with waterfalls and more nature, which we didn’t visit this time due to the cold weather. I’d love to visit these places when the weather is a little bit better :-). However, Tallinn is definitely worth a visit during winter time of course!

  2. Wow, can’t believe it’s already getting some snow! But you’re right, it does make it look like a winter wonderland. Thanks for sharing a little part of the world with me that I don’t know much about 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yeah, it’s hard to believe that winter already arrived in Tallinn, but it makes the city so pretty. I was very excited about it, since we don’t have snow yet here in the Netherlands :-).

  3. You have no idea how exciting these pictures have made me! I’m travelling to Tallinn for the first time in a few weeks and I cannot wait! Can’t wait to read your upcoming articles on what to do/recommendations. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you! So great you’re going to Tallinn in a few weeks! Next Thursday I will publish an article with recommendations in the city, maybe that will give you some ideas to do during your trip :-). Next to that, there is a Christmas market in Tallinn right now. Unfortunately I visited the city before the market, but I’ve heard it’s worth a visit! Have a nice trip 🙂

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