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The Netherlands: Life during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Unfortunately, the corona virus has also spread to The Netherlands. An ‘intelligent lockdown’ was implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Cafes, bars and restaurants have been closed since March 15, schools are closed, and anyone with a ‘contact profession’, such as hairdressers, have been banned from doing their job. We all know how these restrictions are influencing our daily lives, but how do they influence the big cities and landscapes of our beautiful country? The Netherlands look very different than it did a few months ago, with emptied streets, restaurants, and almost everyone staying home. Gathered below, some photos and videos show how the coronavirus is changing the Netherlands.


In stark contrast to the usual throngs of people, this video shows the streets of Amsterdam barren and empty. Coronavirus quarantine has turned Amsterdam into a ghost town:

Source: I am Expat

Tulip Fields

A tulip grower honors the healthcare sector. In the tulip field of 30,000 square meters, he made a giant figure; a hand with tulips and the message ‘stay strong’:


King’s Day 2020 vs. King’s Day 2019 in Utrecht: find the differences!

Source: In de Buurt Utrecht


Flowers are stored prior to their destruction at a flower auction in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. The Dutch horticultural sector is sounding the alarm about the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Because of the loss of demand, the auctions are struggling with low prices and the need to destroy the products:

Source: The Atlantic

The Hague

Empty city center of The Hague, the Netherlands during corona crisis:

Source: VidetVidet
Source: Omroep West

The Efteling

The largest theme park of the Netherlands that focus on (Dutch) fairytales has been closed. The park made a Drone recording of the empty park. Now it looks even more like a fairy tale:

Source: Efteling


Despite the beautiful weather, the beach of Scheveningen remained almost empty last weekends:

Source: AD
Source: Omroep West


In Harderwijk is het Dolfinarium gesloten. Click on the photo to open the video:

Source: AD

We hope you enjoyed seeing some photos and videos of life during the Coronavirus Pandemic the Netherlands. Stay safe and healthy!

Author: Daphne

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