5 Amazing places to eat in Hue, Vietnam

Hue is home to some of the best food in Vietnam and has a very unique kitchen that can’t be experienced in any other places in Vietnam. While staying for some days, I had the opportunity to try many different places to eat in Hue. In this article, I would like to share my favorite places to eat in Hue.

Quán Nga

Quán Nga is a place often skipped by tourists and I totally understand why. It doesn’t look very hygienic, there’s no English menu and you can only choose out of 5 dishes. Our lovely hotel in Hue recommended trying the crab noodle soup here and we definitely have no regrets doing so. The soup was very tasty and there was a lot of crab inside.

Tip: peel one of the quail eggs or order some Chinese Doughnut (Patongo) and dip it into your soup. Very tasty!

Address: 34 Phạm Hồng Thái, Vĩnh Ninh, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Costs: 35.000 VND per bowl of crab noodle soup and 5.000 VND for 1 Patongo

Madam Thu Restaurant

Madam Thu Restaurant is a great place if you like to try some traditional food from Hue. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner that is prepared and served in a clean environment. The menu is uncomplicated and in English.

I tried the Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef noodle) and Nem lui (Grilled ground pork on a stick). It was very delicious! Some other popular dishes that you can try in Madam Thu Restaurant are Banh Khoai (Hue Fried Pancakes), Banh loc (dumpling), Banh Beo (Steamed Rice Cake) and Banh Nam (Steamed Flat Rice Dumpling).

Tip: there’s also a set menu for 160.000 VND including 10 dishes and 1 drink, so you can try different delicious specialties.

Address: 45 Võ Thị Sáu, Phú Hội, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế 530000, Vietnam

Costs: 46.000 – 160.000 VND per dish

Hanh Pancake

Hanh Pancake is another amazing place to eat in Hue. This restaurant specializes in traditional dishes from Hue and by reading the restaurant’s name, you can probably guess their main speciality. Pancakes! When I ate at Hanh Pancake, the place was fully packed with tourists and locals. I tried the (fried) Vietnamese pancake with pork and shrimp and it was very tasty. I also ordered noodle soup with pork and peanut sauce. Also very delicious! The staff explained to me how I had to eat my dishes. It was a fun experience.

If you are more into vegetarian dishes, this is a great place too. The vegetarian menu here is quite extensive.

Tip: there’s also a set menu for 150.000 VND including 5 dishes, so you can try different delicious specialties.

Address: 11-15 Đường Phó Đức Chính, Phú Hội, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Price: 30.000 – 150.000 VND per dish

Lac Thien Restaurant

Lac Thien Restaurant is located close to the Imperial City and is run by a family of deaf-mutes. The menu has a very wide selection (including Hue specialties and vegan options). I had a rice pancake and some deep-fried little rice noodle rolls. It was incredibly tasty and authentic!

Address: 6 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Phú Hoà, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Price: 40.000 VND – 90.000 VND per dish

Lien Hoa vegetarian restaurant

If you are more in the mood for vegetarian dishes, I can totally recommend Lien Hoa. This place has an extensive menu of 150 vegetarian dishes for reasonable prices. When I was trying some dumpling cakes and fresh spring rolls, the place was fully packed. The staff are enthusiastic and can speak English well.

Address: Số 03 Lê Quý Đôn, Phú Nhuận, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Price: 5.000 – 50.000 VND per dish

Bonus place: Coffee Trottoir

Vietnam is obviously a great coffee country with so many different types of coffee. After dinner, I always love to have a cup of coffee somewhere. Coffee Trottoir was one of my favorite places to have coffee in Hue. I tried the Salt coffee and it was delicious! The combination of sweetened cream, salt and the Vietnamese coffee beans, gave the drink a salted caramel- or fudge-like flavor.

The story behind the salt coffee is interesting: a young fisherman got married and his young wife poured him coffee and accidentally added salt instead of sugar. He didn’t want to upset his new wife, so he told her how good the coffee with salt was. She was surprised but delighted that her husband liked the coffee so much, so she poured him coffee with salt every day. He never complained and began to love the salty coffee. It reminded him of the sea and his life as a fisherman.

Address: 1 Trương Định, Vĩnh Ninh, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Costs: 20.000 – 30.000 VND per cup

Evening Food Tour Hue

If you like food tours, you might want to check out the food tour in Hue below. When you book this Hue food tour, you will join a local resident (on the back of a motorcycle) to try various food specialties of Hue. You will be introduced to Vietnamese tea, Hue royal cakes, Hue khot cake, Vietnamese BBQ, grilled squid, Hue beef noodle soup, sweet soup and much more. Besides the fact that you will try great food, it is also a great opportunity to see the beauty of Hue in the evening.

I hope you have a chance to explore one of the above-mentioned places in Hue. And if you’re a coffee lover, try a salt coffee at Coffee Trottoir! Don’t miss these must-visit places to eat in Hue. May your days be filled with delicious Vietnamese food!

Author: Daphne

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