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3 Days in Prague – The ultimate 3-day itinerary

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. The charming city and its amazing architecture, centuries-old buildings, delicious beer, and amazing food make Prague a great destination. This Prague itinerary will show you how to make the most of three days in Prague.

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Day one

Today we are going to see some important tourist sites, including the Old town square, Astronomical clock, Tyn church, Charles bridge, Prague castle, and St. Vitus cathedral.

Old town square
The Old town square is one of the prettiest places of Prague. In winter, the square is filled with a Christmas market and during the other season you can find some food stalls.

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The Astronomical clock
On the Old town square, you can find the Astronomical clock. Legends say it is one of the most beautiful clocks in Europe. This is a busy tourist site. Plenty of tourists line up for the hourly chime. I coincidentally witnessed this hourly chime and it was very nice.

Tyn church & St. Nicholas church
On the Old town square you can also find the beautiful Tyn and St. Nicholas churches. Tyn church is only open in the mornings and late afternoons, while St. Nicholas is open all day.

Charles bridge
This is one of the famous bridges that crosses the Vltava River. On the bridge are plenty of statues, art peddlers and musicians. There exists a myth that when you touch every golden attribute of the statues, you will be lucky all your life. Make sure you visit the bridge in the early morning or late afternoon. During the day, the bridge gets overcrowded by tourists.

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Lunch: For lunch I bought the typical pastry that you can buy almost everywhere around Prague. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick and then grilled. You can choose to top it with sugar and walnut mix or to fill it with strawberries, Nutella pasta or cream. Hmmmm delicious and it only costs 60 ZKR.

Prague castle
This castle is located on the hill across the Charles bridge. It is a nice castle complex, dating back to the 9th century. It is the official residence of the president of the Czech-Republic. Before walking inside the Prague castle, walk to the right side where you can enjoy a nice panorama view of the city.

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St. Vitus cathedral
Behind the Prague castle, you can find the St. Vitus cathedral. The cathedral has a unique baroque architecture and is really beautiful to visit. You can also climb one of the towers.

Day two

Today, we are mainly going to explore the other side of the Vltava River. The highlights include The Fred and Ginger dancing building, Jewish quarter Josefov, Petrinske sady hill, John Lenin wall and a nice viewpoint to photograph the Charles Bridge.

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The Fred and Ginger dancing building
This building is popular because of its unique architecture. This building is also called ‘The Dancing House’.

The Jewish quarter Josefov
Prague has an interesting history and had one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. In this Jewish quarter, you can experience and see some Jewish cemeteries, synagogues, a historic grave yard, and the Prague Jewish Museum.

Petrinske sady hill (Petřín)
Petřín is a hill in the center of Prague and has a height of 327 meters. It is kind of a park that provides the most beautiful views of Prague. It will take you around one hour to walk up the hill, but you can also take a little funicular that rides a couple of times an hour up and down the hill. I recommend you to walk. You will see way more and can enjoy the pretty views. On the hill, you can find plenty of nice things to do. You can find beautiful gardens, a mirror maze, a lookout tower (looks like the Eiffel Tower), and different churches.

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Lunch on top of the hill
On your way up, you will cross a nice restaurant and hotel called; Restaurant and hotel ebozízek. I expected high meal costs in this restaurant, because it looks expensive from the outside and is the only restaurant on this side of the hill, but surprisingly it was cheap and everything tasted really good. I can really recommend you to stop at this place for a short (lunch) break.

John Lennon wall
After the Petrinske sady hill (Petřín) is nice to walk down the hill on the other side, so on the side of the Prague Castle. From there on, you can easily walk to Kampa, a neighbourhood by the river, where you can find the John Lennon Wall. In the 1980’s, students started writing John Lennon lyrics on this wall to celebrate the communism’s end. Today, the wall represents love, peace, and a memory to John Lennon. Tourists can write or paint something on the wall. Probably, there will be a musician singing some John Lennon songs. I loved the atmosphere at this wall.

Viewpoint Charles bridge
Just south of the John Lennon wall, but still in front of the Charles bridge, you can walk down your way next to the bridge. Here you have an amazing view of the bridge. There are also some nice little gardening and painting shops located. It is a nice place to wander around.

Girlswanderlust - 3 Days in Prague – The ultimate 3-day itinerary. amazingly beautiful charles bridge.jpg

Day three

When you have done all above, you have seen almost all the tourist highlights of Prague. For day three, it is nice to make a day trip from Prague. Kutna Hora is one of the interesting possibilities. This little city is only an hour train ride from Prague. It contains several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is perfect for a day trip from Prague. In another post, you can read an ultimate day travel itinerary to Kutna Hora from Prague.


  • Prague is well known for its beer. Take some time to taste local beers, or take one of the plenty beer tours.
  • Take a free walking tour to explore the city. When you prefer to explore the city in a group or with a guide, you can join one of the free walking tours. They are a good way to orient yourself to a new city, learn some history, and hear about the main attractions.

Accommodation: During my stay in Prague, I stayed in Hostel Orange. You can read everything about this hostel via this post.


Prague is definitely one of my favorite cities of Europe since I first visited in 2017. I hope this itinerary can help you to better orientate and prepare for your trip!

Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Let me know in a comment!

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