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City trip Prague: 10 must sees

Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is one of the underrated cities of Europe. It should not be! During a short city trip to this amazingly beautiful capital (with just 48 hours to spent) I visited 10 really nice sights. Most of the sights are close to each other, so you can easily visit all the sights by foot. The Vltava, a river that runs through Prague, kind of separates the city. Therefore, you can visit the eastern part of Prague on the first day and the western part on the second day.

#1 Breakfast at Creperie u kajetana
This is a really nice place to have breakfast. From the outside the restaurant does not look big, but you do not see how far it goes in the back. There are almost no tourists and there is a very nice and calm atmosphere, just the way I like it.

#2 Viewpoint at the prague castle
The castle itself is already breathtaking, but wait until you reach the viewpoint. It overlooks the city centre of Prague and from here, you will get to see almost every sight of Prague. You might consider getting there in the early morning, because it gets crowded very fast and that is just not fun.

 #3 The black tower
The black tower is one of the oldest buildings in Prague and was mainly used as a prison back in the days. Funny enough the tower is not black at all. The tower got its name from a fire back in 1541. The walls remained black for a long time before it became the way it is today.
#4 St. Vitus cathedral
Walking up to the Prague castle you will most likely walk by the st. Vitus cathedral, a great first stop to take a small break before you continue to discover the whole complex of the Prague castle. The cathedral actually took almost 600 years to be finished which makes the architecture even more interesting, because it is influenced by so many centuries. I only got a glimpse of the inside, because there was a mass going.
 #5 Take a boat tour
After walking all day, I saw the sign of a boat tour. I walked by, bought a ticket and set foot on the boat. It was so nice to be away from all the hustle in the streets. Besides the really amazing view, I heard some interesting facts about some of the sights and about Prague itself. The tour went on for like 50 minutes and it was the perfect way to end the day. It only costed around 10€. I can definitely recommend to take one of the boat tours.

This bridge is the main bridge that connects the western with the eastern part of the city. Therefore it is insanely crowded. Make sure you pay attention to your belongings (pickpockets)! You will see some artists and hear some musicians playing. If you are like me, then stop for a moment and enjoy watching them drawing or playing music.

#8 The powder gate
The powder gate is one of the original 13 city gates and separates the old town from the new town. While at the beginning it was an attractive entrance into the town, it later on became a defensive tower where gunpowder was stored. That is where the gate got its name from.

# 9 Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset should be on every ones list, no matter where you go. The best spot in Prague to see the sunset is on the eastern part of the town in between the dancing house and the Charles bridge alongside the pier. From this point you will have a stunning view of the cathedral and the castle and the sun setting right behind it.

 #10 Trdelnik
A must-try when you come to Prague!! Do not worry you will not miss it, because so many people walk around eating that delicious and traditional treat. Trdelnik is a pastry that is basically just a dough that is wrapped around a metal stick, then grilled and topped with sugar or anything you like. You cannot visit Prague without eating Trdelnik haha!!

Written by our very special guest author: Sarah from Blondemoments.

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