Reasons why I book an AirBnB

Over the past years of travel, I’ve used AirBnB several times to book memorable accommodations. Sure, I’ve stayed in occasional guest houses or luxurious hotels every once in a while, but the accommodations that I’ve booked via AirBnB were way more impressive! I’ve stayed in some really great places like a cool loft in Bruges, a rustic apartment in Warsaw, a villa in Kuta (Lombok), a massive flat in Tenerife, and many many more.

I’ve recommended AirBnB several times to family and friends, but I still get questions from people who seem dubious of the concept. Today I share some information about my AirBnB experiences and why I love it so much. Continue reading to find my reasons why I love AirBnB so much! And no… this post isn’t sponsored. It’s just my experience and thoughts. Enjoy!

Reasons why I book an AirBnB!

What is AirBnB exactly?

AirBnB is a ‘community marketplace’ where hosts can list accommodations and travellers can find a place to stay. All hosts have their own reasons why they are on AirBnB. Some hosts need some extra money, have spare rooms (after the kids have left) or just want to meet people from all over the world without travelling themselves. 

The website allows you to select the city you’re planning to travel to, to select a period, and to specify how many people you’ll be travelling with. It then shows you all the possible accommodations to stay in. You can then further refine the search by specifying the type of room you’d like to stay in (entire place, private room, or shared room), to select a price range, and to zoom in on the map that plots the accommodations available in your desired neighborhood.

Lodge & Spa Vauvenargues

Reasons to book an Airbnb while traveling

AirBnB gives you a chance to meet local people

When exploring a country I like to meet local people as I think it’s the only way to really get to know how a country or culture is. Over the years I’ve met some very interesting hosts. Some of them I still talk to regularly.  Over the past years of travel, I’ve learned that people who open up their houses via AirBnB are mostly warm and friendly people. It is always a surprise with whom you end up.

You can also meet other fellow travelers during your stay. Sometimes the hosts rent out multiple rooms. AirBnB also offers an option to book experiences. Via these experiences you get to know local activities, often organised by a local inhabitant.

Attractive garden house with bed box and wood stove

You can save money (by cooking or doing your own laundry)

I love cooking and saving money wherever I can. I’ve learned that staying at an AirBnB is systematically cheaper than a hotel. Most AirBnB accommodations have their own kitchen or you have at least access to the host’s kitchen where you just have to do your own dishes and make sure things are tidy when you finish. Therefore, it’s very easy to go grocery shopping and cook a meal. Some hosts also offer you the chance to use their jam or Nutella. It depends from stay to stay.

Some places might even have a laundry machine. Also a great way to save some money!

Apart from that you can use a kitchen or do your own laundry, the price of an AirBnB is often also cheaper than when staying in a guest house or hotel. If you’re planning to stay for a very long time, like a month or even longer, you can try to get a special rate from the host. They often prefer long-term guests rather than someone who only needs a place for 1 or 2 nights (it’s less work for them).

You can learn how people live

When you book an AirBnB you get the possibility to see how people live. You can explore the local neighbourhood and search for the perfect bakery, corner market, or that cute little cafe. As someone who spends most of the year travelling, I appreciate these local neighbourhoods rather than the large touristy areas.

Next to exploring the neighbourhood, you also get the chance to see how somebody’s interior looks like and how they live in their house. Great fun!

AirBnB accommodations have character

I like to pick AirBnB accommodations that show a lot of character and are unique or memorable in some way. How about sleeping in a lighthouse? A castle? A shipping container? An abandoned plane? A treehouse? On AirBnB you can find plenty of cool places!

AirBnB accommodations provide more privacy

When selecting a place on AirBnB you have different filters to find something that suits your needs and desires. You can either book an entire place, a private room, a private room with a private bathroom, or a shared room. You can even choose if you want to have your own entrance! It’s up to you to pick what you want.

You can find huge places, so perfect for large groups

You can find some large accommodations on AirBnB. This is great when you are travelling with a large group of friends. AirBnB accommodations are significantly cheaper and you often will have more room.

Luxurious Castle in Gesves with Fenced Garden

There are lots of pet-friendly options

Are you a dog-lover? Well, on AirBnB you can find plenty of pet-friendly accommodations. Some hosts might ask a pet fee, but this usually isn’t a shocking amount. If you’re on a vacation, you don’t want your dog to stay in a hotel room all day. Staying at an AirBnB home gives you and your dog more freedom and comfort.

AirBnB has your back

As mentioned before, some people seem dubious of the concept. This isn’t that crazy. I mean you book an AirBnB from somebody you don’t know. AirBnB does a great job limiting safety concerns and risk by having some safety features. The platform verifies the host’s ID and photos of the accommodation, you can find reviews that are left by other travelers, you can get to know the host a little more by messaging with them, there’s a 24/7 support service, and you can pay via a secure payment platform.

Small house for a couple with swimming pool

I can recommend AirBnB and only had positive experiences with the hosts I’ve met and with the online platform. So why doubting longer? Give it a try!

Author: Daphne

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