This week, my sister and I are on the beautiful island Sicily, enjoying a vacation and exploring the Italian culture. For this vacation, we decided to buy ourselves an action camera. We do have a photo camera with us (a Nikon), but are not able to film with it.

We wanted a cheap action camera, but with good quality. We found the SJCAM SJ5000 with WiFi. We bought this action cam via the Dutch website Dashcam Magazijn for only € 139,95.

You can buy the action cam in different colours, but we choose the black edition. The action camera has a nice structure, which makes it easy to hold it. We received the camera in the waterproof case, like in the left photo above. When you use the camera, I think it is best to keep the camera in the case. In that way, you can attached it to all the accessories.

The camera has a button in the front, which you can use to turn the camera on or off. For turning on, you press one time on the button. After that, you can press one time on the button and it goes from video to photo to the menu. When the camera is on and you keep the button pressed, the camera will turn off again. On the top of the camera you can find another button. With this button, you can start filming or make a photo. You can look at what you are filming or photographing on the screen at the back of the camera. Then on the right of the camera, you can find three buttons. The upper button is the WiFi. When you press that button, you will turn the WiFi on. Then you can see the WiFi icon on the begin screen. The other two buttons on the right of the camera, are for zooming in or for choosing an option in the menu. On the other side of the camera, you can find the openings for HDMI, micro USB and the micro SD card.

foto 3.png

When you go to the menu, you come to a screen like in the photo above. Here you can chose several options. At video/photo you go to the begin screen where you can just film or take a photo. You can also chose for a video- or photo lapse. During those lapses, you can chose between a lapse of 1, 2, 5 or 10 seconds. The icon playback is for looking back at the pictures and videos you made. In the set up you can change some settings, like the date and time.

In the package of the action cam, you also get a lot of accessories which you can use in combination with the action cam and sporting. In the photo above you can find the accessories. In the package you will get the following:
– Waterproof case
– Bicycle stand
– Base 1
– Base 2
– Clip
– Fixed base
– Switch support type 1
– Switch support type 2
– Switch support type 3
– Adapter
– Two helmet base bandage
– USB cable
– Two self-adhesive tape
– Manual
– Wiper

Not included is a Micro SD card. It is very useful to buy this directly with your action cam, because you will need it in order to use the camera and save your pictures.

Last Friday, I tested the action cam by making some pictures around my hometown. Above and below you can find the result of the pictures. Like you can see, the quality of the pictures is very well.

However, I have to say that the zooming function is not that great. I tried to zoom in and make pictures several times, but on the computer I found out that the photos became a little blurry. You should only use the camera without zooming in. Since I am mostly using this camera for filming and I have another camera, this is not a big thing for me, but it is important to consider this little issue when you are planning to buy this camera.

On the photos, you can also see the date and time at the right bottom. However, you do not have to worry, you can turn this setting off.

I have tried  a couple of times to film and I noticed the good quality and sound. During my vacation in Sicily I will make a travel video which will be published on the blog, so stay tuned!

Overall, it is a nice action cam with a good quality and easy to use. I am very pleased with the camera, especially because of the low costs. I will definitely use this little camera a lot in the future!

Hopefully this review helped you with choosing the action cam you would like to have. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Author: Tamara

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