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What to see when going on a safari in Kenya & Tanzania

As a child I was completely captivated by beautiful nature documentaries and I was a huge National Geographic fan. You can imagine how excited I was to go on my first safari in Kenya and Tanzania. My father took me on an amazing safari trip through Kenya and Tanzania. I love to share the highlights with you!

If you’ve never been on an African safari, here is our recommendation on what to wear during an African Safari!

Kenia Lake Nakuru flamingo
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On safari to Lake Nakuru

From afar it looks like it is a lake with a gigantic beach. As you approach the lake, it turns out to be a beach with an incredible population of pink flamingos. 2 to 3 million flamingos come to this lake because a huge amount of algae in the water. This lake is UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.

It’s possible to spot other big game near the lake.

Visiting Masai Mara National Park

The Masai are nomads who, despite the modernization, still have preserved their ancient traditions. They eat almost nothing but meat (goat, sheep, cattle) and they eat almost no fruit or vegetables, nevertheless they are healthy. In the dry season, when cows give little milk, they sometimes drink blood of cows in the traditional way. They seek a healthy cow from the herd and bind the neck with a strap. Then the owner of the cow shoots the animal in the neck with bow-and-arrow. They catch about half a liter of blood in a gourd, a leather jug. After this they squeeze the wound, to stop the bleeding and then the cow returns to the herd.

The Masai mostly wear red clothing because it symbolizes life and blood. They also like lots of decorations.

Of course you have to make a game drive through the region. You have a good chance of spotting the big five. As it is a huge national park, it’s best to stay at least 2 nights.

Kenia visarend
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Spot wildlife at Lake Naivasha

The lodge closest to this lake is Lake Naivasha Country Club which most of you know. In the lodge large parts of the classic film Out of Africa were filmed. Great to know that you are under the tree where Robert Redford and Meryl Streep took one of the most famous scenes  of the movie.

At Lake Naivasha you can take a boat trip and see hippos, pink pelicans, spoonbills and ospreys. It’s a great place to spot all kinds of birds.

On safari to Kilimanjaro

From Amboseli National Park you have amazing views on Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is actually a mountain range consisting of dormant volcanoes. With its 5895 meters it is the highest mountain in Africa. The top is covered with a glacier of about 11 square kilometers.

From the Tsavo West National Park which we visited the next day, you have beautiful views of this impressive mountain.

Is safari through Kenia and Tanzania is ‘hard work’. You have to get up very early and you often go to bed late at night (early morning and night are the best times to spot wildlife). It’s nice to relax a bit afterwards.  You can fly to an island like Zanzibar, but you can also go to Mombasa. Sandy white beaches, palmtrees and great hotels! For a few days your only concern is: shall I dive in the pool or do I jump in the Indian Ocean?

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