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Spotting Seals at the Calf Sound, Isle of Man

Ever wanted to spot seals, basking sharks, dolphins and other wildlife in their natural habitats? The southern tip of the Isle of Man is one of the most scenic places you will find in the United Kingdom where you can do this! In this post, I will share my experience and amazing photos of spotting seals and hiking the serene countrysides at the Calf Sound.

The Calf Sound is a body of water which separates the Calf of Man island from the mainland of the Isle of Man. Abundant with wildlife and natural wonders, The Calf Sound is a hotspot for grey seals sunbathing on the rocky Kitterland, a small rocky islet. The seals ‘haul out’ onto the rocks at low tide. On the land they look cumbersome and lazy, but underwater they are very acrobatic. You will regularly see and hear them play around. At the Calf Sound you can also regularly see dolphins and basking sharks in their natural habitats.

Grey seals

Down here you can also find The Sound Cafe. This cafe is set in an ideal location to enjoy the stunning view out over the Sound and the Calf of Man. I can really recommend eating a scone at this cafe. They are usually baked without raisins and are served with jam and Manx fresh cream. When you order something else, for example a Full English Breakfast, keep in mind that the portions are usually very large. There is car parking available at the cafe and an hourly bus service from Port Erin terminates here.

Just behind Kitterland, you can see Calf of Man, which is an essential destination for birdwatchers, being home to a number of seabird colonies and other species. On the island you can also find plenty of Loaghtan sheep and seals. If you have enough time, book a boat trip to or around the Calf of Man. Small boat operators run return trips from Port St Mary and Port Erin. Please note that in stormy weather Calf of Man can be cut off for weeks at a time.

Calf of Man

If you love hiking, you will also appreciate The Sound. From here, you can take the coastal footpaths to Port Erin, Spanish Head, Cregneash and the Chasms in Port St Mary.

I hiked to Spanish Head and sat down for a while to spot dolphins and basking sharks in the sea. It is a great route and easy to walk.

The Calf Sound is also popular with adventurous kayakers.

Have you already visited Calf Sound? I would love to hear your experience!

Author: Daphne

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