In Kutna Hora, an hour away from Prague, you can find a unique cemetery chapel decorated with the bones of up to 40,000 people. It is known as the bone church and officially called “Sedlec Ossuary”. During my trip to Prague, I decided to visit this special UNESCO World Heritage site. The Sedlec Ossuary is definitely among the most unique churches I have ever visited.

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Sedlec Ossuary history:
The number of burials outgrew the space available and since then, the older human remains began to be stored in the chapel’s basement. A half-blind monk was given the task to organize the bones, so he started piling up the bones in the chapel’s corners.

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What makes Sedlec Ossuary unique?
In the 19th century, a woodcarver started organizing the bones into various shapes of skeleton bits to  create special designs and sculptures. These creative arrangements are nowadays still visible and make this chapel very unique.

The special designs and sculptures:

The Bone Chandelier:
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The coat-of arms of the Schwarzenberg noble family and the master Rint’s signature:

Getting there:
– When traveling from Prague, I can recommend to go by train. You can take the train to Kutna Hora Sedlec (switch trains at Kutna Hora Central Station). This ride will take you around one hour and will cost you 90 CZK (retour ticket).
– When traveling from Kutna Hora, I can recommend you to go by the tourist bus or by foot. The bus ride will cost you 35 CZK.

Entrance fee:
Adults: 90 CZK
Students, children, disabled, seniors: 65 CZK

These prices do include the photography permit. There are also special prices for big groups or families.

Opening hours:
The Ossuary is open all year except 24th of December.

The opening hours and admission prices above reflect the standard operating hours and prices and are subject to change.

– You can borrow an explanatory text in different languages from the cashier’s desk.
– There is a wheelchair lift available for people with mobility difficulties.
– You can buy souvenirs from the cashier’s desk.

Author: Daphne

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The bone church of Kutna Hora- Sedlec Ossuary.png

7 Replies to “The bone church of Kutna Hora: Sedlec Ossuary”

    1. It was an incredible experience, but it also felt a bit like a staged setting. I can definitely recommend it though.. And yes, when standing in front of so many skulls, it felt pretty intense.

        1. Well in some parts there are fences before the special creations, you can throw money between the skulls as a donation and you can buy souvenirs from the chapel. It all showed that they are well prepared for the daily tourists.. I guess that the creations are still unique and real, but the environment around it feels like a staged area. But worth visiting though 😉

        2. Oh I get it, that makes sense. Yes, I imagine that sort of environment would take away a bit from the impact of what you’re seeing. Thanks for explaining. 🙂

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