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Street art in Rotterdam you should check out

Street art is booming in Rotterdam. In recent years, more and more murals have enriched the streets of Rotterdam. I recently took a street art tour and would like to share the many beautiful artworks that are out on the streets with you. In this article I’ll tell you where you can find the murals in Rotterdam and will give you some short background information. You may already know some of the more prominent murals, but other more hidden pieces you might have never seen before. In any case, check out these cool works of art in Rotterdam!

Happy mural hunting!

1. A different view of Rotterdam

This work was created by ‘lastpak’ and is the first work you will encounter during the street art tour in Rotterdam. This mural is a painting of Rotterdam through the eyes of the painting group.

2. The latest research by beer and bread

This cool work by Bier en Brood (an artist duo) goes all around the old Keuringsdienst van Waren office. This black and white artwork is aptly called “Het Laatste Onderzoek”, which means ‘the last research’ in Dutch. There is so much to see in this artwork, as it is about 100 meters of illustrations.

3. Ces53 and 4. Herenplaats

Ces53 is the name of an anonymous artist. The painting on the left reminds me of Buddhist temple guards. You can also see a bowler hat in the middle with the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union on it.

The work of art on the right-hand photo is part of the Herenplaats gallery, a breeding ground for outsider art, for example for the mentally or psychologically handicapped. It is very colorful and birght. A beautiful piece of art.

5. and 6. El trotamudos

You can find these colorful works of art in a side street of the Witte de Withstraat and it has been there since 2007. It’s painted by Jorge Kata Nunes, born in Chile. The mural is a bit hidden, because it’s just around the corner. What is striking about Jorge’s work is how the horses recur in his work.

7. and 8. Colourful murals

Ramon Martins has a unique style. His work can be recognized by different themes. In this mural you see a lot of different elements that together form a nice composition. It’s a beautiful colorful mural..

By the way, have you seen the mural on the right side of the picture? I love this one too because it is very colorful!

9. Will you marry me?

MeLikePainting asked his girlfriend to marry him with this painting (nice to know, she said yes!). It’s a beautiful street art with bright colors. The part on the left is painted by Robert Ross. He paints mainly with oil paint on canvas. This can be seen in the mural.

10. Today’s children

In a small park, hidden behind the trees, you can find another mural. This mural depicts the children of today. In today’s society, children do not learn how to expand their minds without the use of technology and social media.

11. The face with colours

This mural was inspired by a photo the painter took during a trip around the world. I think it’s a great painting. The many color fields are very striking.

12. The white monkey

This work of art is located on the side of the cafe ‘the white monkey’ on the Eendrachtsstraat. The artwork is specially made for this cafe. I think it is a cheerful and colorful mural.

13. Wall 636

This painting is an ode to the artists of Rotterdam. It contains all the names of artists from Rotterdam that the painter has ever come across. To be precise: 636 names.

14. Hate or love and 15. The 4-armed man

The work on the left is inspired by black and white or hate and love. Without black, white would not represent much. I came across the work on the right photo out of the blue. I don’t know who it is, but the man must be blessed with the 4 arms he has.

16. Fast food animals

The painter of this artwork likes to be inspired by famous fast food characters. Animals often appear in his work. The characters are mysterious but also recognizable.

17. Helixography

The painter of this artwork is from Bali, Indonesia. In creating this artwork, the painter faced a great challenge. He had to add depth to a narrow wall that also had windows on it. I think he did fantastic!

If you are interested in exploring Rotterdam art the route above is definitely one of the ways to do it! A more extensive version of the route above is also available via the application ´Rotterdam routes´. In this application you can choose a route and get directions. Each route has its own theme and audio guide. The app on your phone shows you the route and background information regarding each mural in Rotterdam. The route above is around 7 kilometres, includes around 23 murals and takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Do you have tips for other spots with cool street art in Rotterdam?
Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Daphne

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