The 5 most beautiful places to visit in Graubünden

One of the premier tourist destinations in the world is Switzerland, and this great country is home to some of the most beautiful sites you can find anywhere. Amongst the finest destinations for someone visiting Switzerland is the grand old canton of Graubünden, which serves as a tourism hotbed, a chill spot, and a great avenue to make new friends.

Graubünden would leave you spoilt for choice, as the attractions keep piling up, as your to-do list keeps stacking up, giving you a wealth of places to visit. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Graubünden and we will take you around five of the best options. In this piece, we’d also be giving you a proper description of Graubünden, Switzerland, and what draws people to travel down there. Let’s go on and check out the top five most beautiful places to visit in Graubünden!

About Graubünden

Graubünden is a noble and proud canton of Switzerland, founded on the efforts of citizens, the government, and a host of healthy meaning individuals. This has led to the place being described as Switzerland’s best-kept secret and further proof of the Swiss standard. Graubünden is a tourism masterpiece, as it has so many attractions, monuments, and sites that would make a visitor pretty reluctant to leave. The canton is fantastic for hiking, as the wintertime in Graubünden is one of the most anticipated time-frames in the entire European calendar.

What’s more, you’ll be able to mingle with different people from different places, you’ll be able to hike leisurely with your closest friends and family in one of the safest places out there, and you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a whole new culture. Also, there are an array of sporting events that the canton hosts. Such sporting events include soccer games, skiing tournaments, figure skating, ice hockey, and a host of other intriguing propositions.

Graubünden is also renowned for its world-class hospitals, reasonable rates, and superb security procedures, so you’re well covered from unforeseen circumstances. Graubünden also has various impressive hotels, restaurants, cinemas, wellness spots, spas, and a host of remarkable attractions. There’s hardly ever a dull moment in this majestic region!

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The 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Graubünden has some of the choicest spots in Switzerland, and here is the pick of the bunch. It isn’t easy to imagine not being impressed by the following places in the mythical canton.


Crestasee is a small but noble part of the canton of Graubünden; it is a lake located between the municipalities of Flims and Trin in the Grisons, Switzerland. This tourist hotspot has maintained its stunning beauty for over a century, and the locals are doing a great job at preserving its sanctity. Crestasee is one of the most in-demand spots during summertime, as there are a host of fun activities to immerse yourself in.

There are swimming tourneys to participate in, there are canoeing events to partake in, and you could decide to have an excellent time in the comfort of your closest buddies while enjoying the scenery of the lake. Summertime in Crestasee is pretty busy, but there’s nothing to fear as there are enough facilities to enjoy and enough fun to go around. What more, you could embark on a “nice, tranquil walk leading to Conn, enabling you to see the famous Ruinaulta gorge formed by the Rhine, while still being within the same huge rockslide debris area, or to the Lag la Cauma!”

Tektonikarena Sardona

The Sardona might not sound like your typical Swiss name, but that’s one of the fun things about this prestigious destination. Tektonikarena Sardona leaves it all to your imagination, as it’s hard to imagine what you’ll find in this unpredictable tourism masterpiece located in the Graubünden region. What would you expect in a destination where two continents collide, and the result is a luxurious looking and jaw-dropping formation of mountains and valleys.

Furthermore, touring Tektonikarena Sardona is quite the experience, as you’ll have more than enough top-notch spots to achieve the perfect Instagram picture, spoil your partner, and pamper yourself after a super tasking work season. Another thing, Tektonikarena Sardona embodies perseverance, security, and trustworthiness. It’s the perfect way to task your brain, have fun and develop lasting relationships with your fellow tourists and possibly the instructor (s).

There’s more than enough to savor in this monumental location, and all you need to do is book a trip, get a guide, and get ready to enjoy one of the finest tourist spots that the continent of Europe has to offer.

Valsana Hotel

Now that you’ve seen a magical lake, gone through a fantastic mountain destination, it’s high time that you get yourself some rest, and where better than the Valsana Hotel. This hotel embodies all the best things about Graubünden, as you’ll be spoilt for choice in this luxurious yet affordable chill spot. First things first, you’ll love the health and safety protocols at the hotel, as the Valsana Hotel is a covid-19 complaint, always ready and remarkably alert at anything that might endanger the well-being of their guests.

What more, there’s the fantastic location, as this hotel is nicely situated at “a quiet location in the heart of Arosa at 1,801 m altitude and offers panoramic views of the Obersee lake and the mountains”, making it an intimate and attractive proposition for people traveling from far and wide. Also, this top-notch hotel has free WiFi, pet-friendly facilities, a highly able restaurant, friendly parking options, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the golf course that’s within proximity. Valsana Hotel is certainly no walk in the park, and visitors are always known to come back anytime they have something to do in Switzerland.


One of the best parts of Graubünden, the Nobel village of Bergün has undoubtedly earned its spot as one of the most surreal tourist attractions in the entire region. There’s the “grand, old park located in Ela Parc that includes the whole of the Albula valley and invites hikers into an unspoiled landscape.” This landscape has proven to be a hit with tourists coming from far and wide, as it’s pretty rare to see such unadulterated sites in modern Europe.

What’s more, the Albula Railway earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site way back in 2008, thanks to the excellent location, historical relevance, and the host of tourists’ steady trouping to see the place for themselves. Bergün is also known to have a highly educated population, a super-low unemployment rate, and safety that astounds even the harshest of critics, which means that you’ll be safe, sound, and remarkably pleased on a trip to Bergün, any time you wish.


Stylish, grand, safe, and luxurious. Poschiavo is one of the go-to spots in Graubünden, Switzerland, and we’ll show you why that’s the case. There are excellent hotels on show, hotels that could rival the best in even the most industrial parts of the world. A hotel that we’ve grown to love is The Hotel Albrici, which is known to embody Poschiavo’s past. This is a very exclusive hotel, which has fantastic views of Poschiavo, excellent facilities to immerse yourself in, and there’s the security that you’re assured throughout your stay.

Further along, the line is the fine wine that Poschiavo has to offer, as you’ll hardly find better wine in Graubünden and almost anywhere around Europe. This region has some of the “finest deep, full-bodied reds that would grace a Bordeaux tasting.” Then to round it up, you’ll undoubtedly have to make a quick trip to Lunch at La Perla restaurant, Hotel Press.

The La Perla restaurant, Hotel Prese is an excellent place to take that special somebody, as the food is delicious, the wine is spotless. On any given day, you’ll be able to “savor lunch on the terrace, viewing fishing boats against an impressive snow-capped mountain backdrop.”

Final Thoughts

Graubünden has grown in remarkable strides over the last few decades, as members of the European community have found out during numerous trips. It’s about time that the rest of the world catches up to the incredible things done in the location. The five sites that we looked at are just some of the finest, and numerous other tourist attractions can take your breath away. What’s more, all you need to do is book a trip, get a good tour guide, and savor the beauty of Graubünden, Switzerland!

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