The best beaches of Langkawi

For travellers who are looking for an island around Malaysia with beautiful beaches and a relaxing vibe, Langkawi may be something for you! Comparing to Penang, Langkawi isn’t yet that touristic. You can find here long sanded beaches, green landscapes, small towns and jungle. You can travel around the island easily by renting a scooter. That’s also what we did and how we explored the many beaches.

In this article I would like to share with you my favourite beaches of Langkawi. All beautiful and very unique!

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

This hidden beach is located at the North side of Langkawi and is surrounded by a forested area. On a lucky day, you can have the beach all for yourself. At the time we were at the beach, it was busier. There were many people who enjoyed swimming and barbecuing. Although there are no facilities around the beach, you can easily entertain yourself the whole day here when you bring your own drinks and food.

It’s a perfect place, also on the warm days. There are some trees on the beach where you can lay down under when it gets too warm. The water is very clear, what makes it a delight to swim in. The Pasir Tengkorak Beach is just a small beach, but absolutely worth a visit!

Tanjung Rhu Beach

This is probably my personal favourite! Surrounded by “jungle” and mangroves, you can find the long and fine sanded beach Tanjung Rhu. In my opinion, the sand of the beach was the most white at this place, which I loved. The water is perfect to swim in and you have some magnificent views over the water and little islands. On this beach as well you can find several shadow places under the trees, what makes it tolerable on the warmer days too.

Black Sand Beach

If you’re looking for something unique, you can find it on Black Sand Beach where, like the name says, you can find a black sanded beach. At the time we were at the beach, it was high tide which made it hard to lay down on the beach and to have a swim. So we didn’t swim, but had a nice walk. You can find several wooden jetties as well on the water, what makes a lovely view together with the little islands in the distance. In front of the beach, you can find some shops where you can buy beach essentials or snacks. There is also a small playground, so this beach is very suitable for families.

Pantai Cenang Beach

This will probably be the most well-known and longest beach of Langkawi. The Pantai Cenang Beach is located at the eponymous town, Pantai Cenang. Around the beach, you can find many bars, restaurants and shops, so it’s no surprise this is one of the busiest beaches of Langkawi. Besides, I can totally understand why people love to go to Pantai Cenang Beach: it’s a beautiful, soft sanded beach where you can have a great swim thanks to the calm water.

If you’d like, you can rent a sun bed or you can do some water activities. During the day, you can enjoy a drink or lunch at one of the many beach bars. It creates such a relaxing vibe! One nice extra: if you happen to be at Pantai Cenang on Thursday, you can go to the evening market after your beach day. Here you can find all kinds of Malaysian food which you can try.

Pantai Tengah Beach

Although this beach is not that far from Pantai Cenang Beach, it’s much quieter and still a very beautiful, fine sanded beach. Pantai Tengah Beach is a smaller beach, but here you can also find some beach bars and you can also do some water activities. I think this beach is just a little harder to find, because you can enter it just outside the town center.

The beaches I described above, I also visited myself. People say Datai Beach and Pantai Kok are also very beautiful beaches, but I haven’t been there so I cannot tell you more about those places. If you have enough time on Langkawi, maybe you can have a look at those beaches as well.

Talking about beaches in general… Do you have a favourite beach around the world? Let me know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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  • Claire Cats

    I do like your photography of the beaches. How do you fund yourself? I have visited a vast array of beaches and some are really isolated, especially some of the beaches in Ireland, where you always get a cool breeze all year around.

    My favourite beach is on an island in the channel islands near France called ‘Herm Island’ where their are no cars, It is lovely and the very clean beaches near St Malo

    My favourite beaches in United Kingdom are Bournemouth Beach and the top Beach this year in UK 2019 was Shanklin beach on the Isle of Wight.

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