The Eifel region: 10 inspiring travel photos

The Eifel region is quite big from which I’ve only seen a small part. It’s not that far from my home town, only a 2,5 hour drive. The Eifel region has a diversity of landscapes and therefor it’s perfect for outdoor activities. Furthermore, you can find idyllic towns in the region next to a wide range of flora and fauna. In this article I’ll show you 10 travel photos which I’ve made during my time in the Eifel region. Enjoy!

Travel photos in the Eifel region

Monschau Eifel
Overlooking the idyllic town of Monschau
Monschau Eifel
Half-timbered houses in Monschau


Monschau is a small and idyllic town, located in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia and nearby the Belgian border. The town is one of the must visits when traveling to the Eifel, as it offers narrow alleys, beautiful half-timbered houses and is surrounded by green hills. You can read more about Monschau here.

Eifel Oleftalsperre
The Oleftalsperre near Hellenthal


The Oleftalsperre is a weir which was built between 1954 and 1959. The drainage-basin has a capacity of 20 million cubic meters of water and, for a part, it takes care of the drinking water in the region.

Eifel Reifferscheid
View over the town of Reifferscheid
Hiking in the Eifel Region
Doing one of our planned hikes
Eifel Reifferscheid
The church in the heart of Reifferscheid

Reifferscheid – small Eifel town

A visit to Reifferscheid was part of one of the hikes we did during our time in the Eifel region. Read more about our hikes by clicking here.

Meadows in the Eifel
Hiking along some meadows on our way (and saying hi to the cows)
Wildpark Eifel
Two beautiful owls in the Wildpark of Hellenthal

Wildpark Hellenthal

The Wildpark in Hellenthal is a large park (more than 64 hectares) where they have created a habitat for lots of wild- and farm animals. You can also find a raptor center on the park. The park is located in a beautiful, natural area which gives a perfect impression of the magnificent landscapes of the Eifel region. You can have some nice walks through the area. Read more about the Wildpark by clicking here.

Dreimühlen Wasserfall
the Dreimühlen Wasserfall

Dreimühlen Wasserfall

The Dreimühlen Wasserfall is located at a driving distance of approximately 50 minutes from Hellenthal. Even on a rainy day (as we had), there were people walking around this nature reserve called Ahbachtal. It’s a beautiful environment where you can have a lovely walk. It’s nice to see the magnificent Dreimühlen Wasserfall from up close.

Eifelblick Wolfshügel in Einruhr

Einruhr – small Eifel town

During our time, we also decided to pay a quick visit to the small town of Einruhr. On the internet I found the spot ‘Eifelblick Wolfshügel’ where we wanted to hike to. It was just a small hike of approximately 20 minutes upwards after which we had a nice view over the area.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you with these photographs of the Eifel region. It’s a diverse and large region with a variety of landscapes and lots of beautiful places to visit.

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Author: Tamara

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