The lands of legends theme park in Belek

I just came back from a trip to Turkey for work (I work as a travel agent) and visited several places at the Turkish Riviera, namely Belek, Antalya and Side. During my time in Belek, I visited The Lands Of Legends Theme Park (the aqua park) and had the time of my life. If you love aqua parks, slides and having fun in the water, this can be the ultimate theme park for you! Read more about this park below.

General information
The Land of Legends has been opened in May 2016 and is very popular for tourists since then. The place not only exists out of an aqua park, but also out of a hotel, a big shopping center, an open air aquarium and a Spa center. There are so many things to do. The park is located on 12 minutes walking distance of the beach and in the city Belek, between the city center and the airport of Antalya. You can stay at the hotel and use the many facilities, but you can also go to the aqua park when you are staying in another hotel. The Land of Legends is suitable for all ages.

The map of the aqua park

Facilities aquapark
Although I wasn’t staying at the hotel of the park, I was visiting the aqua park for an afternoon together with the group I went to Turkey. There are so many slides and other activities to do in the aqua park! You can go off one of the many, unique slides (the park features more than 55 slides!), but you can also spend the day on one of the beaches. There is a beach where you can find some kinds of tropical fishes, like dolphins, penguins and white whales. There is also a possibility to swim with dolphins. This opportunity is against payment.

The park also features a wild river (wild water course) and a roller coaster where you can get in with your bikinis on. There is also a place, specifically for the little ones and a special surf swimming pool. In short, you cannot bore yourself at all! If you would like to see the types of slides the park offers, you can click here.

Although I had a whole afternoon to spend at the aqua park, it was still too little time to see and do everything. I think it would be perfect if you have time to spend the whole day in this park, so you can enjoy to the max and experience everything on the park. Don’t forget your slippers! If it’s very hot, you cannot walk through the park on your bare feet. It will hurt eventually (I can tell, because I’ve had it myself haha).

The Aqua park also offers some eateries and some shops where you can buy some accessories. There is also place to store your stuff in one of the lockers.

Other facilities
Like I said before, the park is not only an aqua park. The park is really big and also consists of a shopping center with several floors and a spa center for pure indulgence and relaxation. There is also a possibility to go into the sauna or to swim in the inside swimming pool. If you would like to know which shops can be found in the shopping center, you can click here.

Furthermore, there are always events organised on the park. Regularly you can enjoy a concert or a show with famous, Turkish artists.

Hotel information
The park also offers a hotel, which features in total 401 rooms. When you are staying the hotel, you have free acces to the aqua park. The rooms of the hotel are all very unique and fantasy-like. You can see one of the rooms in the picture above.

You can book a stay at the hotel based on bed and breakfast or half board. The hotel offers several restaurants through the building. You can book a deluxe room, a family room deluxe, a junior suite, a family suite, a grand suite, a terrace suite or a kingdom suite. By clicking on this link you can find the differences and similarities of all room types. You can book a stay at the hotel via Booking.com.

Prices and opening hours
The Legend of Aqua, the aqua park, is opened each day from 10 a.m. in the morning until 6 p.m. in the evening. I can totally recommend spending a whole day at the park, since it has so much to offer! If you are not a guest at the hotel, you can still enter the aqua park. A ticket costs approximately € 48,- per person. However, the park also offers, including the price, a taxi service from your hotel to the park and back.

What do you think about the big theme park? Let me know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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