First of all, we would like to thank Christina from The suite life of travel for nominating Girlswanderlust for the Liebster award. We have already been nominated ones for the award, but we would not skip this chance to enter again. After all, it is a great way to encourage co-travelbloggers to keep putting their passion and hard work in their blog.

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First of all, we are both going to answer the questions which are provided by Christina.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while travelling?
Tamara: That the world is so much bigger than most people think, both literally and metaphorically. In your daily life, you can stress and worry a lot about the things which happen in your life and around you, but actually you should not take life that serious and you should not worry about certain things. The world is bigger, there are so many different people, cultures and places where things will be done differently and where there are problems. I am not sure how to explain this well, but I just want to say that I have learned to enjoy life.

Daphne: That you can be happy without owning any expensive things or lots of money. During my voluntary work in South-Africa I spent lot of time with children from nursery homes or with other African people who lived in very poor conditions. They always were so happy, while they did not own anything. They taught to be happy with what you have. Moreover, my backpack trips learned me to travel with as less as possible.

If money was no object, where would you travel?
Tamara: If money was no object, I would travel around the whole world of course! There are still so many destinations I would like to go to, but on the top of my list are New Zealand and Canada.

Everywhere! Can I say that? I still have so many places I would love to go to. You can have a look at my bucket list to see where I still would love to go to.

Are you a person who likes to visit a place once or do you make plans to make several trips to a place? Why?
Tamara: Normally, I am more of a person who loves to visit a place ones and then visit another place. However, I will never say never that I am revisiting a place. I would not mind at all, but I prefer to explore new places.

Daphne Most of the time just once. When I travel to a country, I would love to see the main cities and visit the main sites and then move on to the next country. Sometimes, when I have a very special relation with a country, like Indonesia because I lived there for 7 months, I would love to revisit this place in order to see all my friends again.

Have you ever made an unexpected friend while travelling? If yes, how did it happen?
Tamara: Yes I have for sure! Especially during my internship abroad. I still have contact with those people.

Daphne: Yes, so many! During my internships abroad, I met many new people who became really good friends. Another example is during my backpack trips. I meet people in the hostels or hotels where I am staying and plan to go sightseeing or travelling around with them. When you travel alone, it is very easy to meet new people.

How often do you travel per year? How often would you LIKE to travel?
Tamara: For now I would say I travel around three times per year, but I would love to make that more in the future! Of course it depends on the purpose of the trip and the destination how long I travel per trip. This year I will go to Sicily in July for a week, to a (still) unknown European city for four days and I am planning a trip for the end of the year.

Daphne: I travel around 4-5 times per year. The duration of each journey really depends. It depends if I am working or studying and if I have to take into account the school holidays or days off. Also the destination matters a lot. If I travel to another continent, I always try to go for three or four weeks. So far, I am satisfied with how often I can travel a year. However, I am thinking about travelling around the world by working abroad when I complete my master study. I think I always would like to travel more, more and more.

What is your most favorite place to visit in your own country?
Tamara: I do not have one certain favorite place, because I love to visit cities, but I also love to explore new, little places and to go into the nature. When it comes to Dutch cities, I really love Utrecht and Maastricht. They are my favorites.

Daphne: This is a hard question. I think it is Amsterdam!  Amsterdam is a lovely city with so much diversity and things to do.

Do you research the places you are visiting ahead of time or do you tend to travel without any plans?
Tamara: Most of the time I like to read something about the destination on several travel blogs and in travel books, but not exactly what I am going to do and which day, that comes when I arrived at the destination. I also would not mind when I have a surprise trip and do not know where to go. I think I am kind off a person in between the two statements.

Daphne: Usually, I have no time to plan ahead my trips. I always buy a travel book about the destination and start reading it in the train, bus or airplane. Most of the time, I book my accommodation for the first nights and then everything will come as it goes.

How do you immerse yourself in the culture of a place that you are visiting?
Tamara: Trying to connect with the local people. I love to experience the culture and to do local things. I also love to try the local food and to go to places which are not that touristic.

Daphne: Try the local food, respect the local habits and are open to new experiences. With these three thoughts, I am always available to immerse myself in new cultures.

What travel experience challenged you or made a life changing impact on your life?
Tamara: For now, I have not really had a big life changing impact on my life by a travel experience. However, I do have some trips which kind off changed me as a person. My first trip without my parents was to Istanbul in Turkey. I was 17 years old and it was such a great trip. I think this was the time that I fell in love with travelling and became passionate about travelling. Furthermore, my internship in France changed me, because for the first time I was all by myself, abroad, for five months. It let me learn a lot about myself and to deal with stuff I had not have to do earlier. The last travel experience which changed me as a person, was the trip to Japan. This was the first time I has to go by plane alone and to go to a country that far by myself. This trip was good for me as well, because it helped me being more independent and secure.

Daphne: I have been travelling and living in different places around the globe for the last three years. When I was 16 years old I ventured off on my first trip overseas (outside Europe). I headed to Africa to do voluntary work and that trip changed my life. I was fully immersed in the culture, language, customs and beautiful nature of South Africa. It is amazing to travel to a place where you can contribute to the importance of developing social and life skills of many children of the disadvantaged communities and townships and at the same time can enjoy the local wildlife, beautiful landscapes and amazing sunsets. Since this trip, I was addicted to travel and my life is changed. Now I travel around 4-5 times a year and want to explore as much as possible.

Please provide your list of Liebster nominees
For the Liebster Award, we are nominating the next travel bloggers:

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And here are your 10 questions to answer:
1. Why did you decided to start writing about travelling?
2. What five things would you bring to an uninhabited island?
3. What is your most horrible vacation experience?
4. What is your favourite travel movie?
5. Do you collect something typical from every country you go to?
6. What is one thing you would still love to do in a certain country?
7. What is the best local food you have ever tried?
8. Which language would you still love to learn?
9. Would you rather go on an adventurous trip or on a relaxation holiday?
10. Who is your favourite travel companion?

We are looking forward to your answers and do not forget: have fun!

Authors: Daphne & Tamara

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