The ultimate guide to Durmitor National Park

If you’re a nature lover, Durmitor National Park is a must visit! This beautiful park is located in North-Montenegro and consists out of magnificent mountains and lots of gorgeous lakes. This article provides you an extensive guide about the places to visit in Durmitor National Park. Enjoy!

Route from Sarajevo

If you’re planning on combining Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in one trip, you should definitely drive the route from Sarajevo to Durmitor National Park (Zabljak). This is my personal favourite route of our trip, as we came across some beautiful spots and drove through Durmitor National Park where we came across almost nobody! The drive takes around four hours and the best part of the route is just after the border, when you enter Montenegro. In the photos above you can see some of the places we crossed along the route.

Vrazje Lake (Devil’s Lake)

This lake is one of the 18 glacier lakes Durmitor National Park has. It’s a beautiful place to walk around a bit, but also to go for a swim; the water is crystal clear! We noticed that the temperature can be quite different at each hour of the day. We were in the national park at the end of August and the mornings were very warm. However, during the day it can get colder, so it’s absolutely recommended to go swimming at the beginning of the day. We went for a swim at the Vrazje Jezero Lake at the end of the afternoon, but the water already was pretty cold.

Riblje Lake (Fish Lake)

This is another beautiful glacier lake which is located near the Devil’s Lake. It’s located in a quiet and wide environment where you can have a nice day relaxing and enjoying the nature. Worth a visit in combination with Devil’s Lake.

Zminica Lake

Compared to Devil’s and Fish Lake, the Zminica Jezero Lake is located in a whole different environment: around the lake, you can find a forest. You can walk all around the lake, which gives a beautiful image from all sides. We didn’t see any other tourists when we where at this lake. To reach it, you need to go over gravel roads, so be sure you have a good (rental) car with 4WD function, because you’ll probably going to need it.

Tara Bridge and -River

One of the most well-known images of Durmitor National Park probably is the Tara Bridge. It’s a beautiful arch bridge located over the Tara River. The bridge was built between 1937 and 1940 and has a length of 365 meters. The Tara Bridge and its area are popular for the zipline possibilities. There are several organisations which offer these activities. Also rafting on the Tara River is quite popular. Would you like to have more information about the possibilities? You can find it by clicking here.

Crno Lake (Black Lake)

Probably one of the more well-known lakes is Black Lake. It’s a big glacier lake located close to Zabljak. This lake is surrounded by pine forest and features a 3,5 kilometers hiking trail that runs around the lake and which should take 1,5 hours to walk around. If you’d like to, there’s also a possibility to rent a boat and to go rowing on the lake.

Keep in mind that this lake is very popular and visited by many people during the day. Compared to the lakes I’ve wrote about earlier, this lake can be more crowded.

Zminje Lake (Snake Lake)

This lake is kind of special, as it has green colored water. The lake is located near Black Lake, but is more hidden in the woods and that’s the reason why most people don’t know about it and why it’s quiet around the lake.

It’s not recommended to walk from Black Lake towards Snake Lake, but you should drive to Bosaca Village, from where you can easily walk towards the lake and enjoy the uniqueness.

Curevac Trail

The Curevac hiking trail is an easy trail, but also a must do! From Zabljak you first need to drive towards the starting point of the trail, which takes around 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the road towards the start is quite bumpy, so a comfortable (may be a 4WD) car would be great to have. You can park your car at the beginning of the track and start hiking afterwards.

It’s quite an easy track which starts quite steep but isn’t that long (around 1 kilometer). You’ll hike around 30/45 minutes towards the end and when you reach the end, you’ll be treated with magnificent views over Tara Canyon!

The perfect accommodation close to Durmitor National Park

During our time in Durmitor National Park, we stayed at the perfect location! In the middle of the park, looking over the valley and mountains, close to the center of Zabljak, you can find Apartments Stevovic. It’s the perfect starting point for exploring Durmitor National Park. The kitchen annex with the stove and the refrigerator allows for your own meal preparation. The bathroom is clean, spacious and modern. There is plenty of parking space for your car and the area is quiet and calm.

Download the app!

As Durmitor National Park provides lots of hikes (from day hikes to multiple day hikes and from easy hikes to difficult hikes), it’s definitely recommended to download the app on your mobile phone. This app provides all hiking trails, viewpoints and more. You can also use the app offline when you’ve downloaded the map.

For your information: in this article, I’ve mentioned several easy tracks and the places I’ve visited during my time in Durmitor National Park. Of course, the park has much more to offer! Would you like to have more information when you’re already at destination? My advice is to go to the visitor center in Zabljak. Here they can provide you all the information you need to spend your time in the park perfectly!

Durmitor National Park definitely is a must visit when travelling through Montenegro. Have you ever been in this beautiful, national park?

Author: Tamara

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