Already for almost 1,5 year we are putting so much love and energy in this travel blog and enjoy every minute of it. We love to write articles about the places we have visited ourselves or the travel tips we would like to share out of our own experience. We also love to see how we can inspire and help others by planning their trips or by getting the information they need.

That’s why we are so happy and honored to receive The Versatile Blogger Award nomination. It’s great to see how this award can encourage travel bloggers and to let them know they’re doing a great job. We’ve received the Liebster Award before, but never the Versatile Blogger Award and we’re very proud of that. We would like to thank Madhurima from the travel blog Mango Lady Diaries for nominating us! As part of the rules of nomination, below we’re sharing both seven random facts about ourselves.

Hiking on Mount Etna, Sicily

7 facts about author Tamara:
 I love to photograph, which is one of my favorite hobbies. Especially when it comes to nature: I’m a real nature lover and need to make a picture whenever I see a beautiful surrounding!
– Since travelling is my passion, I love to be busy with it all day long. That’s why I’m working as a travel consultant and hope to make people enthusiastic about destinations all over the world.
– I’ve always loved to write. I’ve to admit that I started a travel blog several times in the past, but never kept writing after a few months. However, this time is different and I still love to be busy with this blog!
– I love city trips! And living in Europe it makes it easy to travel to all kinds of European cities. I haven’t seen many of them, but I just love to spend just a few days in an unknown and beautiful city.
– I’m a huge series fan! I love to explore new series and when I start one, I cannot stop watching; especially if it’s a good series.
– I love to cross off things I’ve done and destinations I’ve been to in my travel-related books. I have the books ‘Make the most of your time on earth’ and ‘1000 places to see before you die’ which I read everytime before I’m going to visit a new destination.
– I’m very organized and clean, what means I cannot handle mess very well.


7 facts about author Daphne:
– Nepal and Indonesia are my favorite countries that I have visited so far.
– I collect magnets and postcards from every place I visit.
– I have so many books that they don’t fit in my bookcase (mainly travel related books)
– I’ve travelled to over 19 countries
– I have a dream to buy a van, transform it myself and adopt a dog, so we can make a road trip together.
– I love cooking, mainly because I love to eat as well
– I love to wear the ‘ugly’ zip-off pants while travelling. They are so comfortable, handy and save a lot of space.

The Versatile Blogger Award, an award given to bloggers by bloggers, is a fun way to discover new blogs. The basic rules are:
1. If nominated, write and publish a post on your blog thanking and linking back to your nominator.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate seven other new bloggers who you think deserve recognition for their work.

Now we will take this opportunity to nominate seven fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here are our nominations for blogs that we really enjoyed reading:
– Melissa from The Roaming Family
– Veronika from Departure and Arrivals
– Melissa from Honeybadventures
– Valerie from Trusted Travel Girl
– Lauren from Northern Lauren
– Beth from WiseMommies
– Kirstin from Thetinberrytravels

We would like to thank all of our readers and followers for the support!

Love, Tamara and Daphne

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