Tips for proposing when on vacation

It’s no wonder so many people choose to propose to their significant other when on
vacation. It’s romantic, you’re away from all the usual stresses of everyday life, and you’re
together – usually, it’s just the two of you. Yet in order for things to go smoothly and for your
proposal to be as memorable as possible in all the right ways, you’ll need to prepare in
advance. A proposal shouldn’t ever be a spur of the moment thing anyway (married is far too
important to do on a whim), but the more effort you can put into planning, the better it will be. Tamara and I are both not married (yet). A proposal when on vacation is our dream!

Read on for some useful tips that should help you get your vacation proposal just right.

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Pack the ring well

After you’ve spent so much time searching through vintage style engagement rings to find
the one that you know your partner is going to love, you’ll want to keep it safe, and packing it
well for your flight is essential.

The best place to pack the ring is in your carry on luggage. In that way, you can keep an eye
on it at all times, and it won’t get lost. However, you need to pack it well so that, should your
bag need to be checked for any reason; the surprise won’t be ruined should your bride or
groom-to-be notice it. One way to do this is to pack the ring box inside a different box, for
example. Also, make sure there are no liquids or other items in your bag that would make
airport security need to look inside in the first place.

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Have a backup plan for your vacation proposal

You know where you’re traveling to, and you know exactly where and when you’re going to
propose. You’ve worked it all out in advance. So what would happen if you couldn’t carry out
your plan? If you had intended to be at a particular tourist attraction, but it was closed, or if
you had wanted to be outside, but the weather is terrible, and you can’t do it, what would

The answer is that unless you had a backup plan, it would be very hard to do anything at all.
Your confidence might be shaken, and it would be easy to tell yourself just to try again
another time. So, if you truly do want to propose, you need to have a good second plan just
in case the first one can’t happen. It might even be that you prefer the second one once you
have thought of it.

Ask the hotel for help

If you’re staying at a hotel when you’re on vacation, let them know what you’re planning to
do ahead of time. See if they can put some flowers or champagne in your room so that when
you get back, there is yet another surprise waiting for you, for example.

There might even be specially designed packages for newly engaged couples. These could
include cocktails, dinner, tickets to a show, or anything else that would make the day even
more memorable. Get in touch with the hotel as soon as you know you’re going to propose
so they can give you the details of what they can do and you can book it without having to

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Research the vacation area beforehand

The chances are that when you’re planning to propose on vacation, it’s highly likely that you
haven’t been to the location beforehand, meaning that you haven’t got much of an idea of
what it is like. This can make planning a proposal pretty difficult, as you could struggle to find
the perfect spot to do it, or you may find it hard to book a nice restaurant to facilitate a

To avoid this issue as much as possible, spend some time researching the area, looking for
the best spots and activities to ensure that the moment is special. When conducting
research of your vacation destination, be thorough as this will you build the best picture of
the location possible so that there are no nasty surprises.

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Enjoy your vacation

Planning to propose can be a bit nerve-wracking, and it’s that stress that could leave you not
enjoying your vacation time, as you’re too busy being flustered about the proposal. It’s
always good to remember to try and enjoy yourself while away and relax, as this will make
you feel calmer and help you get a better experience from the vacation.

Another good idea to remove the stress and help you enjoy your time away is to propose
early in the trip. This will avoid any tension building up throughout the trip and will make the
vacation more special, as it will be the first you two have as an engaged couple.

We hope these tips help you get your vacation proposal just right. Good luck!

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