Top 3 Things To Do on Lana’i Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is home to some very beautiful islands and most people are aware of the 4 big ones, Oahu, Hawai’I (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui. However, sprinkled among those giants are tiny little gems such as Lana’i. Due to its size, there are only a few notable attractions but the friendly, small-town feel more than makes up for it! Here are the things you do not want to miss!

1. Manele Bay
A resting place for hundreds of dolphins, this marine sanctuary is a place of mermaid dreams. I could spend days on end just basking in the sun and taking in the sights of blue ocean waters and white powdery beaches, and frolicking with the wild, yet social spinner dolphins. Sitting high atop a cliff is the Four Seasons resort which is an oasis of luxury nestled in an otherwise rural community. If that is a little steep for your wallet, you can also get a permit to camp right on the beach.

2. Garden of the Gods
Not quite as impressive as the one in Colorado, I can’t deny it has a bit of an extraterrestrial or divine feel to it. Huge boulders appear to have been dropped from the sky in an almost methodical way with no explanation as to how they got there. Definitely an awe-inspiring place.

3. Shipwreck Beach
A final resting place for a naval vessel used for training exercises, she has been surrendered to the sea where marine life continually breaks her down to form a new reef. While there isn’t a tragic backstory to how the ship got to where it lies, it is still a little eerie to witness. I would highly recommend hiking past the marked lookout to get a much closer view. Please note that there is a lot of walking and some climbing, so assume this at your own risk. Take water and sunscreen!

The list of things to see is short so a 2-3 day stay is plenty to be able to see everything. If you plan to see the Garden of the Gods or Shipwreck Beach you will need to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle and almost everyone who lives on the island has a jeep. If the rental place is all booked, a lot of times the locals can point you in the direction of someone who is willing to rent you their vehicle. If stay at Manele Bay isn’t for you, please check out the awesome listings on AirBnB. We stayed in a familes “Ohana” (Hawaiian equivalent for mother-in-law suite) and we were SO pleased with the comfort, cleanliness and general aloha provided by this awesome rental.

Plenty of kokua and aloha to go around on this quaint little island!

Guest author: Sam from the travel blog The Manini Experience.
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Lanai Island Top 3 Things To Do

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