Top tips for traveling with a baby

Who says that your life of adventure has to stop once you have a baby? Although it seems to be a social norm that people will go backpacking in their early twenties and then settle down and become more sedentary in their late twenties and thirties, things don’t have to be that way for everyone. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, it’s definitely possible to travel with a little one, and it might involve less hassle than you think. Read on for some top tips that will make traveling with your baby easier and less stressful.

Only pack a couple of toys

While the stereotypical image of the traveling parent is of someone juggling endless amounts of toys to keep their little one entertained, in reality, small babies are just as easily amused by water bottles, keys, and most other daily objects. Just pack your baby’s favorite stuffed animal and maybe one other small toy, such as a teething ring rattle, and you’re good to go.

Choose multi-function baby bags

Targeted adverts will try to convince you to buy any number of baby-specific bags and other kinds of carriers as soon as you google “pregnancy symptoms”. While you will need a spacious bag to carry nappies, wipes, stuffed toys, and all your other baby paraphernalia, make sure you choose one that also fits your own stuff, or you’ll be left with more bags to carry than you have hands for. This pump bag, for example, has a separate compartment at the bottom for keeping your breast pump and its accessories clean and easily accessible, but it also has ample space at the top for a book or magazine, a water bottle, and all the carry-on essentials you need for both your little one and yourself. It even has a loop of fabric at the back that allows you to secure it to the top of a trolley suitcase. Score!

Wear your baby

Baby wearing is a great way to bond with your baby, make breastfeeding easier, and keep your baby happy. From a practical point of view, it allows you to transport your little one while keeping your hands free for other things, and it’s great for traveling because all you need is a sling or carrier rather than a bulky stroller. One downside of baby wearing is that it can put a strain on your back muscles; thankfully, this orthopedic practice has some tips on how to avoid back pain while wearing your baby.

Board books can be tiny!

Board books are a great tool for entertaining your baby on the road and for helping them go to sleep. While most board books are small, some of them can be truly tiny! These Clever Baby books, for example, are the size of toy bricks, and while they come in a box of nine, there’s no reason why you can’t just pack the two or three that your baby likes the most. They will easily fit in the corner of your purse for handy storytelling on the go.

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