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Most tourists visiting a place for the first time typically see the usual tourist attractions that make the location famous. However, some tourists are more interested in areas off the beaten track. These places and sights are rarely visited but are equally beautiful and exciting. If you belong to the second type of tourist, you can achieve your wish by choosing a private local tour guide.

Israel is a place where even in small corners, there are things to discover. When you want to explore plenty of sights, it is better to hire a private tour guide. They can completely plan your trip, just accompany you for a day or even half a day. There are thousands of tour guides in Israel who can make your trip easier. Thus, it is vital to hire the best and highly trained tour guide in Israel so that you can get to know more and see more. In this post you can find some characteristics of a good tour guide in Israel.

The characteristics of the best Israeli tour guide 

They know more than an average person

The best tour guides in Israel have more profound knowledge of the history, geology, and geography of the most exciting places in Israel. They tend to specialize in different segments. Whilst most tour guides in Israel will cover the whole country, some are specialist tour guides in Jerusalem or tour guides in Tel Aviv. Others specialize in Jewish tours, Christian tours or youth tours, whilst others cater to specific market segments such as family tours, adventure tours, or Israel food or wine tours. Tour guides can show exceptional places only locals know, recount stories of the locals living in the area, and identify native plants and wildlife. You will definitely get more value for your money with a tour guide’s knowledge.

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They show confidence in executing their job

Some people might be hesitant to wander around when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Tour guides understand this and try to make everybody feel safe. They are intimately familiar with the areas where they take you and follow the safest routes and the best times to visit each place. They can point out interesting spots in a location that most visitors miss seeing. Next to this, the language spoken in Israel is Hebrew, so unless you have this mastered, it might be difficult to plan the trip yourself, which is where your tour guide can help.

They observe and listen

The best Israeli tour guides observe and listen. They strive to make you feel happy and comfortable while under their care. They observe you so they can adjust your itinerary should they see that you want to stay longer. They also listen, as they can get insights into what you want or expect.

They are more prepared

A good tour guide prepares in advance to ensure that you will have a memorable trip. For example, they check your dietary requirements to ensure that your menu meet your needs. They provide a first aid kit and can include reminders for you if need to take medications at certain times of the day.

Traveling to Israel doesn’t need to cause you any stress or worry. Israeli tour guides can organise everything from the moment you step off the plane, to the moment you arrive back to the airport, making your trip as memorable and special as you deserve it to be.

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