Travel book tip: World of Wanderlust

Although lately I haven’t really got the time for it, I really love to read. Especially travel books. I also love to explore new travel books and when I’m in a bookstore, I immediately run over to the travel department. There was one travel book which I was very excited about: World of Wanderlust of Brooke Saward.

Written by a travel blogger and full of tips. Brooke Saward was the first travel blogger which I followed. She is also one of the many factors who motivated myself to start this travelblog. I always found it inspiring to read her blogposts and to watch her “vlogs” on YouTube and I was very excited when I heared she would publish a travel book.

In the first few weeks/months after publishing the book, it was only possible to buy the book when you were living in Australia. However, I heard that this would change, because there would also be a Dutch version of the book. Nowadays, you can buy the Dutch version of the book almost in every bookstore and the English version can be bought online; worldwide.

It’s a very nice book if you’re looking for general travel tips which are written in a nice and unique style. There are several subjects which you can find back in the book. Since Brooke is mainly a solo traveller, there are many tips in the book to help you prepare your first solo trip. If you would love to go solo travelling, but find it kind of scary, you should definitely read the book for some tips.

But the book also describes some good tips for when you’re planning on travelling with others. What kind of people are there to travel with? And how can you make the best out of it for the both of you? The part which I really like, are the places Brooke point out which you should definitely visit ones in your lifetime. It’s kind of a bucket list, which you can cross off (a small bucket list is also included in the book).

For some favorite and most popular cities, brooke pointed out the places which you shouldn’t miss when visiting the city. With a nice decoration and some breath taking photo’s she makes the book very easy and fun to read.

If you love to photograph during your trips, the book also gives some photography tips which you can use. Furthermore, You can also find the food you should definitely try all around the world.


This book is definitely a nice read which gives some great tips about travelling; looking at all kinds of subjects and destinations. If you aren’t into reading, this book is also worth a buy for the photo’s only! All the photo’s used in the book are really beautiful and fits the subject. In my opinion, this book is also really nice to give as a present to a travel lover.

Would you like to buy the book? For € 25,- you can buy it via this link.

Author: Tamara

Note: This article is written by my own and honest experience and isn’t sponsored.

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Travel book tip_ World of wanderlust

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